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Meet the award winning nominee! This artist has a well documented musical history that captivates their audience. From powerful ballads to downright bops, this specialised talent has captured audiences with every new release. Not only do they wow viewers with remarkable style and energy like no other, but they continuously put out only the best songs and chart topping albums. With just one listen, you'll be able to learn one thing: this artist delivers in spades.
The Musical Genius of Nomine: A Look into their Life, Genre and Top Hits
Music is a universal language that has the power to connect people across the globe. And when it comes to music, there is no one artist that has done it better than Nomine. With his one-of-a-kind sounds and lyrics, Nomine has captured the hearts of millions around the world for decades now. Today, we delve into the musical biography, genre, best songs, famous concerts, and criticism of this talented artist.
Nomine is an artist who hails from the United Kingdom. He is famous for his Bass and Dubstep music, an electronic dance music genre. Nomine has been creating music since the early 2000s but he garnered immense popularity during the 2010s. He has released numerous songs, albums, and EPs in his career, remixing various other artists’ hit singles and creating his own original music.
One of the most famous Nomine songs is his hit single, ‘Blind Man,’ which was released in 2014. The song has a great beat and lyrics that touch deep down in your soul. It's no wonder that Blind Man became so popular and was nominated for multiple awards, such as the Dubstep forum award for best track. Another popular track from Nomine's repertoire is ‘Nomine’s War,’ which differs slightly from his other tracks as it focuses more heavily on underground hip-hop and rap as opposed to his traditional dubstep sounds.
Apart from his hit tracks, Nomine has performed in numerous shows and concerts around the world. Some of his most famous concerts include the Outlook festival in Pula, Croatia, and the GetDarker burner party in USA. His music has captivated the audience time and time again, making his live performances one of the best experiences one could ever have.
As with every artist, there are always critiques of their work. Some of the criticism thrown towards Nomine's music is that it is too heavy on the base and cannot measure depth. Some people also argue that his music style is too reliant on gimmicks, and has a very short shelf life. However, with the overwhelming love for Nomine and his music around the world, these criticisms are somewhat few and far between.
Nomine is one of the most talented music artists in the UK and around the world. His unique sound, heavy bass, and beautifully crafted lyrics have made him a genius in his field. Despite having a few critics, Nomine’s reputation as a musical icon remains unscathed. The popularity and success of his songs have earned him fans from different corners of the globe, and his music continues to captivate the hearts of many. We can only wait with bated breath for what he has in store for us next.

Nomine: A Biography of Musical Genius

Nomine is a musical genius whose work has captured the attention of music lovers worldwide. His music is unique, captivating, and thought-provoking. The artist, born in Leeds, UK, began his musical journey in his early teens. Nomine draws inspiration from different cultures, and his music is a blend of various genres, including dubstep, ambient, and experimental. This article provides a musical biography of Nomine, highlighting his beginnings, most famous albums, his most famous songs, his musical style, and his influences.


Nomine's real name is Damon Kirkham. He was born in Leeds, UK, and grew up in a family of music lovers. At the age of 12, he was introduced to electronic music through his uncle's old school garage mixtapes. The young Kirkham was captivated by the rhythmic and melodic sounds and began experimenting with music production using his computer. During his teen years, he became actively involved in the dubstep scene in Leeds, where he honed his music production skills.

Most Famous Albums

Nomine has released several albums, EP's, and singles throughout his career, but his most popular works include 'Inside Nomine,' 'Nomine's War,' 'Nomine's Depth,' 'Nomine's Sound Volume 1,' to mention a few. Nomine's music is distinct, and each album showcases his artistic growth and development.

Most Famous Songs

Nomine's music is unique and captivating. Some of his most famous songs include 'Nomine's Chant,' 'Nomine's HeartDub,' 'Nomine's Garden,' and 'Nomine's Slip.' Nomine's music is an excellent reflection of his personality, style, and creativity.

Musical Style and Influences

Nomine's music is a unique blend of different genres, including dubstep, ambient, experimental, and traditional dub. He is heavily influenced by old school garage, jungle, and reggae music. The combination of these genres gives Nomine's music a unique and captivating sound that draws in his listeners.

Nomine is, without a doubt, an artist worth exploring. His music provides a unique listening experience for music lovers across different genres. Nomine's sound reflects his journey through life, and each album he releases showcases his artistic growth and development. As you explore Nomine's musical journey, you will undoubtedly find yourself captivated by his unique sound and inspired by his creativity.
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1 - Blind Man
2 - To The Sky (feat Lustina)
3 - Nomine's Robot
4 - Nomine's Sound
5 - Nomine's War
6 - Voodoo Native
7 - Vater Unser
8 - Mitternacht
9 - Schwarze Sonne
10 - Deine Welt
11 - Laetitia
12 - Die Schwarzen Reiter
13 - Ave Maria
14 - Psalm 23
15 - Nebelpfade
16 - Wolfen (das Tier In Mir)
17 - Das Rad Des Schicksals
18 - Das Abendmahl
19 - Die 10 Gebote
20 - Die Sintflut
21 - Die Runen Von Asgard
22 - To The Sky
23 - Hide And Seek
24 - Ninjah
25 - Enma
26 - Zen Force
27 - Searching
28 - Zen Circle
29 - Mindfulness
30 - Anxiety Tribe
31 - Syncopator
32 - 128.1
33 - Closed Doors
34 - Listen
35 - Stomp
36 - Empty Rooms
37 - The Fear