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The Damned

The Damned are an English rock band formed in London in 1976 by lead vocalist Dave Vanian, guitarist Brian James, bassist (and later guitarist) Captain Sensible, and drummer Rat Scabies.


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The Damned: The Love/Hate Relationship among Music Critics and Fans

One of the most divisive bands in British alternative music history, The Damned’s body of work is both critically acclaimed and widely panned. From their groundbreaking London punk scene debut with “New Rose” to their wildly unpredictable musical explorations from Goth-Rock to Psychedelia, they have been creating frenetic yet melodic rock n roll for over four decades now. In that time, The Damned has achieved commercial success and critical acclaim while often courting controversy – be it through changing styles or lead singer Dave Vanian’s very public embrace of what some deemed as unambiguously leftist politics. It is precisely this outré nature which both delights fans and enrages critics alike! But Love them or loathe them one thing remains certain; at the core of near every record they make lives a passionate heart beating beneath an angular facade.

The Damned's music career has been nothing if not controversial since their emergence in the London punk scene back in 1976 with their explosive debut single “New Rose”. Despite the ups and downs and all the changes in the lineup, The Damned has managed to endure and produce a catalog of music that is both beloved and reviled by fans and critics alike. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons for this love-hate relationship and take a closer look at what defines this legendary British alternative rock band.

The Damned's music has always been difficult to categorize. They started off as a punk band that was hailed as one of the pioneers of the genre, along with the likes of The Sex Pistols and The Clash. However, they quickly moved beyond the confines of punk rock and expanded their sound to incorporate elements of goth, psychedelia, and even pop. This constant experimentation with different styles and genres is perhaps what has kept The Damned fresh and exciting for both the fans and the critics.

Another source of controversy surrounding The Damned is their often-maligned lyrics. While they have always been unapologetically political and outspoken, their outspokenness on certain issues such as class inequality and animal rights has at times rubbed people the wrong way. The song Smash It Up, for instance, was viewed by some as an incitement to violence.

But despite the criticisms, The Damned has managed to win over legions of fans with their unique brand of punk rock. Their follow-up singles to New Rose, such as Neat Neat Neat and Stretcher Case Baby, helped solidify their position as one of the leading punk bands of the era. However, it's fair to say that their music has evolved far beyond the limitations of punk rock, and their subsequent albums are proof that The Damned was always a band ahead of their time.

Despite the ever-changing lineup, The Damned has remained a forerunner in the alternative rock scene for over four decades. They have produced an impressive body of work that ranges from catchy punk rock anthems to haunting ballads. Through it all, they have maintained a sense of integrity and passion that has endeared them to their fans.

In conclusion, The Damned is one of the most divisive bands in British alternative music history, but their influence and enduring popularity speaks for itself. Their music may not be for everyone, but it's precisely this outré nature which both delights fans and enrages critics alike. Love them or loathe them, one thing remains certain; The Damned will forever be remembered as one of the most important bands of their era and beyond. Their legacy is one that will continue to inspire and captivate music lovers for generations to come.
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1 - Noise Noise Noise
2 - Stab Your Back
3 - Help
4 - Burglar
5 - Neat Neat Neat
6 - Love Song
7 - Fan Club
8 - Born to Kill
9 - I Fall
10 - Melody Lee
11 - New Rose
12 - Life Goes On
13 - Feel The Pain
14 - Fish
15 - I Feel Alright
16 - I Just Can't Be Happy Today
17 - See Her Tonite
18 - So Messed Up
19 - Alone Again Or
20 - 1 Of The 2
21 - Machine Gun Etiquette
22 - Eloise
23 - Smash It Up
24 - Plan 9 Channel 7
25 - Antipope
26 - Looking At You
27 - Grimly Fiendish
28 - Wait For The Blackout
29 - Problem Child
30 - These Hands
31 - Noise, Noise, Noise
32 - Liar
33 - Ignite
34 - Don't Cry Wolf
35 - Street Of Dreams
36 - Ballroom Blitz
37 - Generals
38 - Drinking About My Baby
39 - Shadow Of Love
40 - The Shadow Of Love
41 - Smash It Up (part 2)
42 - Dozen Girls
43 - Suicide
44 - Disco Man
45 - Stranger On The Town
46 - Is It A Dream
47 - In Dulce Decorum
48 - Smash It Up (part 1)
49 - The Invisible Man
50 - Procrastination
51 - Beware Of The Clown
52 - Bad Weather Girl


2023-10-25 h: 20:00
The Fillmore Silver Spring
Washington, US
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