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The Jam

The Jam were an English mod revival/punk rock band during the 1970s and early 1980s, which formed in 1972 at Sheerwater Secondary School in Woking, in the county of Surrey. While it shared the "angry young man" outlook and fast tempo of the contemporary mid-1970s' British punk rock movement, in contrast with it the band wore smartly tailored suits reminiscent of English pop-bands in the early 1960s, and incorporated mainstream 1960s rock and R&B influences into its sound, particularly from The Who's work of that period, and also drew influence from the work of the Kinks and the music of American Motown.
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1982: ''The Gift'' listen full album
1980: ''Sound Affects'' listen full album
1979: ''Setting Sons'' listen full album
1978: ''All Mod Cons'' listen full album
1977: ''In the City'' listen full album
1977: ''This Is the Modern World'' listen full album