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Gang Of Four

Gang of Four are an English post-punk band, formed in 1976 in Leeds.[1] The original members were singer Jon King, guitarist Andy Gill, bass guitarist Dave Allen and drummer Hugo Burnham. There have been many different line-ups including, among other notable musicians, Sara Lee, Gail Ann Dorsey, and Mark Heaney.
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Last songs aggiornate a Agosto 2022
Where The Nightingale Sings
You'll Never Pay For The Farm
Who Am I?


Le migliori canzoni di Gang Of Four - la classifica dei top 10 brani dell'artista

1. - Damaged Goods
2. - At Home, He's A Tourist
3. - It's Her Factory
4. - Natural's Not In It
5. - Ether
6. - Not Great Men
7. - I Found That Essence Rare
8. - Return the Gift
9. - Guns Before Butter
10. - Glass
2011: ''Content''
2005: ''Return the Gift'' listen full album
2003: ''Hard / Solid Gold''
1995: ''Entertainment! / Yellow EP''
1995: ''Shrinkwrapped''
1995: ''Solid Gold / Another Day/Another Dollar''
1991: ''Mall''
1983: ''Hard''
1982: ''Songs of the Free'' listen full album
1981: ''Solid Gold'' listen full album
1979: ''Entertainment!'' listen full album