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Weyes Blood

Weyes Blood - A Musical Biography and Her Best Songs
Music is an art form that connects people, and there is no shortage of talented artists who create music that touches our hearts and souls. One such artist is Weyes Blood, a singer-songwriter from Santa Monica, California. Her music is an eclectic mix of genres, including folk, psychedelic, and indie rock. In this article, we will take a deep dive into who Weyes Blood is, her best songs, her music genre, famous concerts and a review of her music.
Birthed in a family with a rich music background, Natalie Laura Mering (aka Weyes Blood) was born on June 11, 1988, in Santa Monica, California. Her musical journey began in 2007 when she joined the band Jackie-O Motherfucker as a backing vocalist. In 2011, she released her debut album, The Outside Room, which was followed by The Innocents in 2014.
Weyes Blood's music is an amalgamation of different genres, from Enya-styled ethereal ballads to moody slow rock songs. She is driven by the 70s rock n roll sound fused with contemporary singer-songwriter activism, and her style is often described as a beautiful, lush, and dreamy.
One of her best songs is Andromeda, released in 2019. This song has a catchy acoustic guitar riff accompanied by percussion that gradually builds up, and a soulful voice accompanied by a choir of harmonizing backing vocals. The lyrics are melancholic and nostalgic, taking you on a journey of hope and heartbreak.
Another great song is Movies, a track from her album Titanic Rising (2019). The song is a blend of a self-reflective message within a cinematic universe. It showcases her singing voice's range, with an orchestra providing a grandiose, layered texture to the song. This song is an essential track in any Weyes Blood playlist.
In 2020, Weyes Blood teamed up with the indie rock band, The Lemon Twigs, for the song Nightmare Forever, which was a fantastic collaboration. The powerful vocals and instrumentation style of both groups come together to create a haunting melody that stays in your head long after the song ends.
Weyes Blood has played many notable concerts, and her live performances are captivating. Her 2019 tour took her across the world, including a stop in Australia. The Union Transfer concert in Philadelphia was undoubtedly one of her memorable shows, where she played a sold-out concert to a captivated audience.
Weyes Blood has been creating music for over a decade, and her style has evolved with each album she releases. Her rich musical background and personal experiences shape her music, making each of her songs unique, introspective, and beautiful. Her music reaches with its dreamy melody, profound lyrics, and incredible vocals often exploring broader themes of environmentalism, art, and personal growth. Weyes Blood is an artist worth listening to, and we highly recommend checking out her music and going to one of her shows, whenever live concerts resume.



The Musical Odyssey of Weyes Blood

There are some musicians that catch our attention right from their first release, and Weyes Blood is one of them. The artist, who was born and raised in Santa Monica, California, has been enchanting music listeners with her unique voice and poetic lyrics since her very first album release in 2011. In this blog post, we will go through the artistic biography of Weyes Blood, exploring her beginnings, most famous albums, and songs. We will also delve into her distinct musical style and her sources of inspiration.

Natalie Mering, better known by her stage name Weyes Blood, began her music career in her teenage years as a member of the folk-psych band Jackie-O Motherfucker. It was through this collaboration that Weyes Blood learned how to play various instruments, including the guitar, keyboard, and flute. Her unique voice also began to take shape during this time, as she honed her singing skills. In 2011, Weyes Blood released her first solo album, The Outside Room, which garnered attention for its folky, psychedelic sound and introspective lyrics.

In 2014, Weyes Blood released her second album, The Innocents. The album showed a musical evolution with its incorporation of more instrumentation and production, while still maintaining the introspective and melancholic sound that Weyes Blood had become known for. The Innocents received critical acclaim and helped cement Weyes Blood as a rising star in indie music.

Weyes Blood's 2016 album, Front Row Seat to Earth, is considered by many as her breakthrough album. The album showcased a fuller, richer sound, with the addition of strings and horns. The song Used to Be became a fan favourite and caught the attention of mainstream music listeners, introducing them to Weyes Blood's signature sound and style.

The most recent release from Weyes Blood is Titanic Rising, which came out in 2019. The album continues to showcase her penchant for introspective lyrics while also incorporating lush and cinematic production. The song Andromeda from Titanic Rising has been widely praised for its haunting melody and emotional depth.

Weyes Blood's musical style can best be described as dreamy and introspective. Her music often explores themes of love, loss, and personal growth. Weyes Blood cites many musical influences, including Joni Mitchell, Todd Rundgren, and Leonard Cohen. She is also inspired by literature and often incorporates poetic and literary references into her lyrics.

Weyes Blood's musical journey thus far has been one of artistic exploration and growth. Her unique voice and introspective lyrics have garnered her a loyal fan base, while her evolving sound has continued to attract new listeners. We can't wait to see where Weyes Blood's musical odyssey takes her next.

Weyes Blood's musical journey thus far has been one of artistic exploration and growth. Her unique voice and introspective lyrics have garnered her a loyal fan base, while her evolving sound has continued to attract new listeners. We can't wait to see where Weyes Blood's musical odyssey takes her next.
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1 - Used To Be
2 - Do You Need My Love
3 - Diary
4 - Andromeda
5 - Generation Why
6 - Everyday
7 - Be Free
8 - Movies
9 - Away Above
10 - Front Row Seat
11 - Something To Believe
12 - Hang On
13 - Some Winters
14 - Wild Time
15 - In The Beginning
16 - Cardamom
17 - A Certain Kind
18 - Bad Magic
19 - Summer
20 - Ashes
21 - Maybe Love
22 - Storms That Breed
23 - Everybody's Talkin'
24 - Romneydale
25 - Lost In Dreams
26 - In The Isle Of Agnitio
27 - Take You There
28 - Candyboy
29 - Everyday - Rough Trade Session
30 - Something To Believe - Rough Trade Session
31 - A Lot Has Changed - Rough Trade Session
32 - Bound To Earth
33 - Montrose
34 - Wild Time - Rough Trade Session
35 - February Skies
36 - Requiem For Forgiveness
37 - Land Of Broken Dreams
38 - Can't Go Home
39 - Nearer To Thee
40 - Seven Words
41 - Picture Me Better
42 - Mirror Forever
43 - Titanic Rising
44 - A Lot's Gonna Change
45 - Twin Flame
46 - Grapevine
47 - It's Not Just Me, It's Everybody