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Carcass are a British extreme metal band from Liverpool, who formed in 1985 and disbanded in 1995. A reformation was enacted in 2007 without one of its original members, drummer Ken Owen, due to health reasons.
The Grindcore Legends: A Musical Biography of Carcass
Carcass is a pioneering band in the world of grindcore and death metal. They have been around for over 30 years and have produced some of the most influential and brutal music in the genre. Their music is a mixture of extreme aggression, complex musicianship, and dark humor. In this article, we will explore the musical biography of Carcass by discussing their formation, evolution, and discography. We will also delve into their music genre and best songs, including some famous concerts and a critical reception.
Formation and Early Years: Carcass was formed in Liverpool, England, in 1985 by Bill Steer (guitar) and Ken Owen (drums). They were later joined by Jeff Walker (bass, vocals) and Sanjiv Malek (guitar). Their debut album, Reek of Putrefaction (1988), was a sonic assault that blended grindcore, death metal, and gore lyrics. Despite its low production value, it garnered critical acclaim and a cult following.
Musical Evolution: Carcass evolved their sound with each subsequent release, incorporating more complex song structures, melodic guitar solos, and thought-provoking lyrics. Symphonies of Sickness (1989) showcased their technical abilities, while Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious (1991) added more progressive elements and social commentary. Heartwork (1993) is considered their most accessible and influential album, featuring a more polished production and melodic hooks. Their later albums, Swansong (1996) and Surgical Steel (2013), marked their return to form after a hiatus, and cemented their reputation as one of the most influential bands in extreme metal.
Music Genre: Carcass is often associated with the grindcore, death metal, and goregrind genres. Their music is characterized by fast, aggressive riffing, blast beats, and guttural vocals. However, they also incorporate elements of punk, thrash, and traditional heavy metal, as well as avant-garde experimentation. Their lyrics often deal with medical themes, such as human anatomy, diseases, and surgery, as well as social issues, like war, consumerism, and animal rights.
Best Songs: Carcass have many classic songs that showcase their musical versatility and lyrical depth. Corporeal Jigsore Quandary is a standout track from Necroticism, featuring intricate guitar harmonies and a catchy chorus. Incarnated Solvent Abuse from Heartwork is another fan favorite that juxtaposes brutalism and melody. No Love Lost from Symphonies is a punk-infused anthem that criticizes conformity and oppression. Other notable tracks include Exhume to Consume, Keep on Rotting in the Free World, and Captive Bolt Pistol.
Famous Concerts and Critic: Carcass has played countless live shows and festivals throughout their career, including iconic venues like the Dynamo Open Air and the Wacken Open Air. Their performances are known for their intensity, precision, and humorous banter. Critics have praised their musicianship, creativity, and social relevance, but also criticized their extreme content and controversial imagery. Some have even accused them of being a joke or a gimmick band, but their influence on the extreme metal scene is undeniable.
Carcass is a legendary band that has pushed the boundaries of extreme music and inspired countless bands to follow in their footsteps. Their musical biography reflects their passion, dedication, and ambition to create something innovative and meaningful. Their genre-defying sound and lyrics have resonated with fans across the world and helped to shape the landscape of extreme metal. Although they have faced challenges and setbacks over the years, they have remained true to their artistic vision and legacy. Carcass is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who appreciate the power of music to provoke, inspire, and connect.
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Why Carcass’ Predictability is their Secret Weapon

Most rock stars follow a time-honored tradition when it comes to crafting their sound—think Jimi Hendrix and his endless improvising, or The Rolling Stones belting out bluesy riffs. But Carcass takes the opposite approach; instead of taking any risks with their music, they prefer to stick with what works! To be honest, I'm not sure if this is some kind of experimental tactic or just plain laziness; don't get me wrong, there are elements of Carcass' work that could be considered exciting in a mainstream way. However, for the most part they opt for predictable approaches that tend to leave many listeners wanting something new and fresh.

When it comes to creating music, most rock stars follow a time-honored tradition; breaking the mold, giving something new to the fans and experimenting with their sound to produce exciting new results. Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones are prominent examples of this trend; fueling their music with improvisation and off-beat riffs. However, there is another group that stands apart, with a distinct approach to their music. I'm talking about Carcass, the band that prefers to stick with what works. While some music enthusiasts might consider this tactic plain laziness and lack of creativity, there is more than what meets the eye. This blog aims to explore why predictability is Carcass's secret weapon.

To fully appreciate the mindset behind Carcass' predictable approach, we have to look at the origins of the band. Many people forget that Carcass has been in the music industry for more than three decades. Over that period, they have successfully managed to create their sound, and yet, keep the fans they have gained throughout the years. By sticking to their winning formula, Carcass has managed to retain their fan base, which can be challenging, especially in an era where new music is coming out daily. Therefore, rather than becoming a jack of all trades and failing to deliver what their fans expect, Carcass focuses on being consistent with their style, catering to their loyal following.

Additionally, it is essential to note that predictability doesn't always equate to boring or poor quality. Carcass's music is not monotonous or difficult to engage with. Instead, they infuse their expertise and mastery in their genre's conventions to create a listening experience that is immersive and captivating. When listening to their music, the listener expects the sense of familiarity of the music to the point where they're not bored with the same sound but rather appreciate the sound they love, much like comfort food.

Moreover, the music business is dynamic and challenging, with a constant need to maintain the relevance and staying power of an act. Keeping up with the industry tends to cause artists to question whether to stick to their traditional sound or try something new. Carcass, on the other hand, has ignored such thematic changes and instead focuses on the aspects that made them successful. In doing so, they have managed to avoid pitfalls experienced by other artists who attempted to move with the times. Predictability has thus helped them stay in limelight and stay true to themselves throughout the years.

Furthermore, the predictability also works in Carcass's favor when it comes to their live shows. When an artist delivers predictable music, crowds often respond with enthusiasm and excitement, when the band play their songs chord for chord much like it is on the album, people love it. Fans enjoy the familiarity of the sound and make it easier for them to vibe with the performances, and know when those high notes and thunderous beats are coming, making the performances more like a show.

In conclusion, the predictability that Carcass delivers is by no means laziness on their part, but instead, a clever tactic to stay consistent with what worked for them. Even with their predictable sound, Carcass's music still sounds exciting and captivating, to their fans. It is evident that while risky musicians have to reinvent themselves to remain in the industry, Carcass can keep doing what they do best, remain consistent, authentic and real, all while keeping their fans loyal and happy. Predictability isn't always a bad thing; sometimes it is necessary to keep an act going, and Carcass has embraced that fact.
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The Musical Biography of Carcass: From Grindcore to Death Metal

Carcass is a British metal band that was not only influential in the development of grindcore in the 1980s but also in the evolution of death metal in the 1990s. In this blog post, we will take a look at the musical biography of Carcass, from their early beginnings to their most famous albums and songs. We will also dive into Carcass's musical style and influences that made them one of the most significant metal bands of all time.

Carcass was formed in Liverpool, England, in 1985, by Bill Steer and Jeff Walker, two friends that shared a passion for extreme music. Their early sound was a mix of punk, hardcore, and metal, which they dubbed grindcore. Their first demo tape, The Crucifixion, was released in 1986, and it caught the attention of the underground metal scene. Carcass's debut album, Reek of Putrefaction, followed in 1988, and it became a cult classic in the grindcore genre.

Carcass's musical style evolved throughout the years, and they slowly incorporated more death metal elements into their sound. Their breakthrough album, Heartwork, released in 1993, was a game-changer for both Carcass and the death metal genre. Heartwork was a departure from the band's earlier grindcore sound, and it marked the beginning of their dominance in the death metal scene. The album's title track and No Love Lost became instant classics, and they are still fan favorites to this day.

In 1996, Carcass released their fifth album, Swansong. It was their last album before their hiatus, which lasted until their reunion in 2007. Swansong was a departure from the band's earlier sound, and it featured more rock and blues influences. Some fans criticized the album for being too experimental, but others appreciated Carcass's willingness to take risks and explore new musical territories. Swansong may not be as revered as their earlier albums, but it is still an essential part of Carcass's musical history.

Carcass's comeback album, Surgical Steel, released in 2013, was a return to their earlier death metal sound. It was well-received by fans and critics alike, and it cemented Carcass's legacy as one of the most important metal bands of all time. Surgical Steel features some of the band's most memorable songs, such as Captive Bolt Pistol and Unfit for Human Consumption. Carcass's musical style may have evolved throughout the years, but their commitment to creating extreme, boundary-pushing music never wavered.

Carcass's musical influences are diverse, but they are often associated with the early grindcore and death metal scenes. Some of their musical heroes include Napalm Death, Slayer, and Death. Carcass's musical innovations and contributions to the extreme metal scene cannot be overstated, and their influence can be heard in countless bands to this day.

Carcass's musical biography is a story of evolution, experimentation, and exploration. From their early beginnings as a grindcore band in Liverpool to their dominance in the death metal scene, Carcass has left an indelible mark on the metal world. Their willingness to take risks and explore new musical territories set them apart from their peers, and their commitment to creating extreme, boundary-pushing music never wavered. Carcass's legacy continues to inspire new generations of metal fans and musicians, and their place in the metal pantheon is well-deserved.

Carcass's musical biography is a story of evolution, experimentation, and exploration. From their early beginnings as a grindcore band in Liverpool to their dominance in the death metal scene, Carcass has left an indelible mark on the metal world. Their willingness to take risks and explore new musical territories set them apart from their peers, and their commitment to creating extreme, boundary-pushing music never wavered. Carcass's legacy continues to inspire new generations of metal fans and musicians, and their place in the metal pantheon is well-deserved.
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1 - Heartwork
2 - Embodiment
3 - Zochrot
4 - Buried Dreams
5 - Tools of the Trade
6 - No Love Lost
7 - Intensive Battery Brooding
8 - 1985
9 - Unfit For Human Consumption
10 - The Master Butcher's Apron
11 - Carnal Forge
12 - Captive Bolt Pistol
13 - This Mortal Coil
14 - Death Certificate
15 - Arbeit Macht Fleisch
16 - Blind Bleeding the Blind
17 - Corporal Jigsore Quandary
18 - Doctrinal Expletives
19 - Keep On Rotting in the Free World
20 - Black Star
21 - Incarnated Solvent Abuse
22 - Exhume to Consume
23 - Inpropagation
24 - Tomorrow Belongs to Nobody
25 - Reek of Putrefaction
26 - Genital Grinder
27 - Pedigree Butchery
28 - Cross My Heart
29 - Symposium Of Sickness
30 - Polarized
31 - Room 101
32 - Lavaging Expectorate Of Lysergide Composition
33 - Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
34 - Maggot Colony
35 - Thrasher's Abattoir
36 - Carneous Cacoffiny
37 - Go To Hell
38 - Generation Hexed
39 - Childs Play
40 - Ruptured In Purulence
41 - R**k The Vote
42 - Regurgitation Of Giblets
43 - Firm Hand
44 - A Congealed Clot Of Blood
45 - Slash Dementia
46 - Excoriating Abdominal Emanation
47 - Empathological Necroticism
48 - Don't Believe A Word
49 - Crepitating Bowel Erosion
50 - The Master Butcher's Apron
51 - The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills


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