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The Mighty Evolution of Warforged: An Insight into the Prodigal Band of the Metal Scene
If you're a fan of extreme progressive metal and haven't tuned into Warforged yet, let us unveil the musical universe of this prodigal band. With a humble beginning from Chicago, Warforged is a quintessential pioneer of the genre, amalgamating death, black, and thrash metal with psychedelic ambience into one colossal force. With a music biography built through noteworthy concerts, stunning albums, and a loyal fanbase, Warforged continues to showcase the potential of the metal scene. In this blog, we delve into the band's finest achievements, their musical genre, and the importance of their evergreen concerts.
Warforged never fails to bring a cinematic sound experience through their inventive blend of metal. They have pushed the boundaries of the genre, incorporating features like soaring clean vocals, staggering percussion, complex riffage, and ethereal concept album themes. One of their finest albums, I, Voice, showcases the climax of these factors, with anthems like We've Been Here Before and Nightfall Came. On the other hand, their 2021 release, I: Voice, aggrandizes their progressive element and encapsulates the dark beauty of their music. It shows that the band has not given up on their ambition and continues to evolve their sound with more emphasis on spacious soundscapes and ambiance.
Warforged's style is hard to confine within a particular subgenre, as their expansive sound is a fusion of diverse metal genres. Elements of black metal, technical death metal, and progressive metal have flourished in their music. The band's technical and heavy chops, intricately connected with their songwriting, offers a uniqueness exclusive to Warforged. Thus, their live performances become an intense, unforgettable saga of riffing and moshing. Their 2019 co-headlining tour with Rivers of Nihil and Entheos was a massive success, and their presentation of I: Voice at the 2021 Devastation on the Nation tour reaffirms Warforged's stance as one of the most promising live bands of the genre.
The band's recent creations exhibit a thoughtful and precisely executed approach to songwriting, deeply rooted in the band's artistry. Tracks like We've Been Here Before and Nightfall Came demonstrate Warforged's lyrical transcendence and conceptual depth. Warforged's lyrical themes tell stories of dystopian worlds, psychological trauma, and transcendental experiences that are indeed grand in the scope of metal music. Critics have praised their latest album, I: Voice as weirdly awe-inspiring and infinitely listenable. They have also been compared to other progressive stalwarts, highlighting the band's incredible potential.
With time, Warforged has become a band that symbolizes the potential evolution of progressive music. They consistently tweak their sound to make something more transcendent and inviting with every passing album. Their live performances leave audiences with an unforgettable experience, and that's the testimony to their musicianship. Every track they release portrays the dexterity, creativity, and evolution they have brought to the Chicago extreme metal scene. If progressive metal is your thing, then Warforged is a band that you can't afford to miss.


1 - We've Been Here Before
2 - Regurgitate
3 - Phantoms In The Mist
4 - The Order Of The Black Thrones
5 - Eternal Fight
6 - The Wrath Of The Nefarious Angels
7 - Impure Blood In The Chalice Of Life
8 - The Last Journey Through The Gates Of Death
9 - Behind The Veil Of Purity
10 - When The Brave Are Silent
11 - Nightfall Came
12 - The Black Age Of Light's Fall
13 - Diabolical Being
2019: I: Voice