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Death Grips


Death Grips was an experimental hip hop group from Sacramento, California, formed in 2010. The group consisted of rapper Stefan Burnett (known by his stage name, MC Ride), drummer Zach Hill, and producer Andy Morin (referred to as Flatlander).
Unpacking the Musical Genius of Death Grips
Death Grips is an American experimental hip hop band that is well known for its experimental sound and eclectic beats. The group, comprised of vocalist MC Ride, drummer Zach Hill, and producer Andy Morin, made their debut with their album Exmilitary in 2011, and since then, they have been pushing the boundaries of music. In this article, we will be diving into the musical biography of Death Grips, their best songs, genre and style, famous concerts, and how critics have responded to their music. So, grab your headphones and let's get started!
Musical Biography
Death Grips came together in Sacramento, California in 2010. Their music is an intense blend of punk rock, industrial, and electronic music, mixed with heavy hip hop beats and punk-inspired vocals. The band gained their initial fame with their debut mixtape, Exmilitary, in 2011. After that, they released a series of critically acclaimed albums including The Money Store, No Love Deep Web, and The Powers That B. They have also collaborated with other artists such as Björk, Danny Brown, and Zach Hill.
Best Songs
One of the band's most popular and controversial tracks is Guillotine, released in 2011. This hard-hitting song features MC Ride's aggressive lyrics, coupled with a heavy synth beat and a catchy chorus. Another fan favorite is No Love, from the album No Love Deep Web. The song showcases the band's ability to blend intense percussion with abrasive synths and distorted vocal samples. Hacker, from the same album, is another fan favorite that showcases the group's refined sound and production value.
Music Genre and Style
Death Grips' genre and style are a unique blend of punk rock and electronic music, with elements of industrial and hip hop mixed in. Their music is characterized by driving percussion, distorted synths, and MC Ride's aggressive, raw vocals. They are known for their experimental sound, which pushes the boundaries of traditional music genres. The group has been compared to other experimental artists like Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West, and Industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle.
Famous Concerts
Death Grips have gained a reputation for their wild and unpredictable concerts. One of their most famous concerts was in 2013, when they were booked to play at Lollapalooza in Chicago. However, the band announced via Twitter that they would not be playing the festival and instead released their album No Love Deep Web for free online. The band also performed and filmed their 2013 concert at the HMV Forum in London, which was later released on their website.
Critic Response
Critic Response
Critics have had mixed reactions to the group's music, but there is no denying its impact on the music scene. Many have praised the band for their experimental sound and willingness to push the boundaries of traditional music genres. Some have criticized them for being too abrasive and challenging to listen to. In a Pitchfork review of their album The Money Store, the writer called the group the most anarchic band in music today. Despite the criticism, the band has amassed a dedicated fan base, and their music continues to inspire and challenge listeners.
Death Grips has carved a unique niche for themselves in the music industry with their experimental sound and intense live performances. Their genre-bending music has inspired a new wave of experimental artists, and their ability to push boundaries and challenge traditions has earned them a place in the musical canon. From their debut album Exmilitary to their most recent project, they have consistently challenged the industry and the listener. Although their brash sound and confrontational lyrics may not appeal to everyone, their music continues to captivate and inspire countless fans. Death Grips is not just a band; it is a movement.

Death Grips: The Fear and Admiration They Inspire

Death Grips is one of the few musical acts out there who can inspire both fear and admiration from its listeners. On the one hand, they're an abrasive trio whose aggressive production style and unconventional live performances have been known to cause mild panic attacks among even seasoned concert-goers. But on the other hand, their music is undeniably gripping with dark ambient synths that take listeners into a deep trance-like state as soon as it starts playing. In this blog post, we'll discuss both something critic and (surprisingly) something positive about Death Grips -- a timely mentality given how their latest album was released earlier this month!

Death Grips is a band that is not for the faint-hearted. For years, they have been known for their abrasive music and unpredictable live performances that have left many audience members in a state of shock and panic. But for many fans, that's exactly what makes them so compelling. Death Grips is one of the few musical acts out there who can inspire both fear and admiration from its listeners. In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons why Death Grips inspires such intense reactions from their fans. We'll explore both their abrasive and unconventional production style and their ability to create compelling music that takes listeners into a trance-like state, leaving them in awe.

Firstly, we need to discuss Death Grips' abrasive and unconventional production style. Death Grips sets out to capture a unique listening experience that many artists fear to touch. Their music style is uncompromising, with pounding drums, heavy use of nihilistic lyrics, and synths that seem to reinforce the message at a fever pitch. It's a serious challenge to listen to their music consistently without feeling like your eardrums will explode. Death Grips' willingness to experiment with sound has won them critical acclaim and a loyal following. While not for everyone, many listeners crave that adrenaline rush their music brings.

Secondly, despite the harsh, unrelenting sound they produce, Death Grips' music can also provide an emotional release for listeners. Death Grips' songs often invoke feelings of isolation and anxiety in listeners. Fans use their music as a way to escape from the stresses of everyday life, entering into a world of unapologetic agitation. They have the ability to tap into something primal in their listeners, providing an immediate connection to those feeling similarly.

Thirdly, Death Grips' unconventional live performances are something to behold. Their live sets are known for their chaotic nature, with fans describing it as an experience that's both terrifying and addictive. Their shows involve frenetic energy and explosive noise, with members of the band engaging in bouts of screaming, moshing, and even lighting gear on fire. It's a spectacle that speaks to those looking for something different from their live music shows.

Finally, Death Grips' music production is characterized by an intense sense of emotion combined with their unique sound. Their music has been described as having a rawness” quality, with a focus on aggression and nihilism. Death Grips aims to make music that speaks to the current mood and cultural moment, and they have done so successfully. Indeed, with the release of their newest album, Year of the Snitch, the band continues to cement their reputation as boundary-pushing musical act.

Death Grips undoubtedly inspires many different emotions in music listeners, from fear and anxiety to admiration and awe. Their unique sound and production style have won them critical acclaim, even as they divide audiences with their unrelenting sound and eccentric stage presence. Still, it's hard to deny that Death Grips' music engages listeners in a way that few other artists can, with fans often describing the band as life-changing. Even though they may never capture the same mainstream recognition of more approachable artists, their impact on the music scene is undeniable. Death Grips is an act that only comes along once in a lifetime, and we are lucky to experience their music.
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1 - The Fever (aye Aye)
2 - Get Got
3 - I've Seen Footage
4 - Guillotine
5 - Lost Boys
6 - Hustle Bones
7 - Takyon (Death Yon)
8 - Double Helix
9 - Blackjack
10 - Hacker
11 - System Blower
12 - Beware
13 - The Cage
14 - Punk Weight
15 - Bitch Please
16 - Fuck That
17 - Spread Eagle Cross the Block
18 - Klink
19 - Culture Shock
20 - Disappointed
21 - Shitshow
22 - No Love
23 - Black Paint
24 - Flies
25 - Streaky
26 - Dilemma (ft. Andrew Adamson)