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Hollywood Undead is an American rap rock band from Los Angeles, California. They released their debut album, Swan Songs, on September 2, 2008, and their live CD-DVD Desperate Measures, on November 10, 2009. Hollywood Undead is the ultimate experience for movie and music lovers alike! Their collection of best songs and music offer inspiration to everyone. Whether you like upbeat, headstrong singalongs or melancholic ballads, their discography has something to offer. It's a one-stop shop of beautiful lyrics, backing instrumentals and catchy riffs. There's no better way to lift your spirits than some Hollywood Undead..
Hollywood Undead: A Biography of the Undead Six
There is something about Hollywood Undead that has made them fascinating to music fans since their debut album in 2008. This American rap rock band from Los Angeles gives a unique voice to the emotions of their fans with their music. Whether you’re a metal head or a hip-hop fan, there’s no denying the infectious energy and beats Hollywood Undead brings. This article takes a closer look at Hollywood Undead, their musical evolution, and the best songs they’ve created.
Hollywood Undead was formed in 2005 and their name is a reference to the Los Angeles street gang culture they grew up in. The band started as a side project for three of the members involved in the local music scene. Hollywood Undead released their first demo in 2006 and experimented with different sounds. Their collaboration with Deuce, also known as Tha Producer, helped them create their first album Swan Songs (2008). With the release of this album, Hollywood Undead earned nationwide recognition debuted at number 22 on the Billboard 200 album chart.
Hollywood Undead’s style is a mix of rap rock, metal, and alternative rock. They wrap their creative angst into raw energetic beats and clever lyrics, often touching on themes of anger, rebellion and chaos. One of Hollywood Undead’s greatest strengths is their talent in composing catchy, sing-along choruses. Their tracks resonate with listeners, thanks to the clever hooks that repeat throughout the songs. Some of the band’s best songs that exemplify these qualities are Undead, Everywhere I Go and Hear Me Now.
Hollywood Undead has gone beyond the usual studio album releases to create unique collaborative projects such as Mixtapes (2011) and Psalms (2018) – a collection of some of their most innovative material. The band has also given fans an opportunity to be part of live experiences with interactive shows that engage the audience. One such show that stands out was their performance at the Rock am Ring festival in 2011, which had thousands of mosh pits, crowd surfing and sing-alongs. Many fans consider Hollywood Undead’s live performances as amongst the best experiences of their lives.
Critics have noted how Hollywood Undead straddles the line between genres in their music, which can be both a strength and a weakness. Some reviewers have commented that the band fails to distinguish its own identity in the music industry, whereas others see their ability to craft a unique sound as a sign of growth and diversity. A number of critics have also noted how the band has gone beyond the usual dark themes reflected in rap metal with feel good tracks that uplift listeners. Despite the criticism, fans continue to be drawn by the band’s music and their ability to connect with everyday life experiences.
Hollywood Undead is an innovative band that continues to shape the rap rock and metal scenes. They have established themselves as a voice that represents the emotions of their fans, with memorable hooks, smart lyrics, and raw beats that resonate with individuals across a range of musical preferences. The band’s sensational charisma and energy draws fans to their electrifying live performances. Finally, despite standing on the edge of genres, Hollywood Undead manages to remain grounded by tackling relevant themes that transcend genre limitations. Hollywood Undead proves that their music will continue to thrive and resonate with fans for years to come.
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An In-Depth Look at Hollywood Undead's Musical Journey

Hollywood Undead, the multi-platinum American rock band, has always been known for their unique blend of heavy metal and rap. Today, we want to delve deeper into the story behind the band: their beginnings, their most popular albums, and the unforgettable hits that have made them a household name. For anyone who loves music, this is a journey you won't want to miss. So, let's delve into the world of Hollywood Undead.

The beginnings of Hollywood Undead can be traced back to the early 2000s, when J-Dog and Tha Producer began to make music together in their hometown of Los Angeles. The duo quickly met up with more like-minded individuals, and soon they formed the band Hollywood Undead. Despite their initial struggles to make it in the music industry, their first album, Swan Songs, would eventually go platinum. Some of their most notable tracks from Swan Songs that fans still adore include Undead, Young, and Everywhere I Go.

After their successful debut album, Hollywood Undead continued to experiment with different genres and sounds. Their second album, American Tragedy, showed a more serious side of the band with tracks like Hear Me Now and Coming Back Down. With their third album, Notes from the Underground, Hollywood Undead took on a darker direction, but still managed to keep their devoted fan base satisfied.

The band's most popular album, however, was arguably Day of the Dead, which was released in 2015. With its catchy beats and thought-provoking lyrics, tracks like Usual Suspects, Day of the Dead, and How We Roll became instant fan favorites. They have proved to be timeless masterpieces that still have the power to make listeners head-bang even years later.

Throughout their journey, Hollywood Undead has been influenced by a wide variety of genres, including hip-hop, rock, punk, and metal. Their unique fusion of these styles can be heard on every album they have released, and it's no wonder that they have acquired such a vast, diverse fan base over the years.

In conclusion, the story of Hollywood Undead is one of talent, dedication, and innovation. Their unique blend of genres has allowed them to create music that transcends traditional boundaries, and has resonated with countless music lovers. Their journey shows us that perseverance and hard work are key to making it big in the music industry, and we can't wait to see what they release next. For anyone who loves rock, metal, or hip-hop, Hollywood Undead is a band that should always be on your playlist.
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Why Hollywood Undead Deserves Praise

Hollywood Undead has shaken up the music industry with their in-your-face, genre-breaking blend of rap rock, hip hop and heavy metal. Their edgy lyrics have conquered both alternative and mainstream music lovers alike, proving that they aren't just another fleeting boy band or Gen Z trend. With five gold certified albums since 2008, a world tour and even an original perspective on costume design Hollywood Undead continues to delight listeners around the globe with their unique soundscapes. But as much as we might be enamored by this talented group of musicians, not all fans are praising every aspect of the band's career - controversy has made itself known in past interviews and on social media forums. As diehard followers of Hollywood Undead will know very well there are still many critical views about some choices the group has taken in order to stay relevant over time but despite this truth - there is something great to honor in the artist’s work too! So let us take a look at why Hollywood Undead deserves praise...

Hollywood Undead is a band that has been shaking up the music industry since their formation in 2005. Their unique blend of rap rock, hip hop, and heavy metal has won over both alternative and mainstream music lovers alike. With five gold certified albums, a world tour, and an original perspective on costume design, it's clear that the band is here to stay. However, controversy has followed Hollywood Undead in the past. Despite this, there are still many reasons why this band deserves praise. So, let's dive into why Hollywood Undead is deserving of recognition.

First of all, the band's music is undeniably unique. Hollywood Undead's combination of different genres gives them a sound that's entirely different from anything else you've heard. Their music is energetic, intense, and it hits you in all the right places. Additionally, the band has always been committed to the quality of their music. They write their own lyrics, create their own beats, and are known for their tight harmonies. The outcome is a sound that is tight, polished, and all their own.

Secondly, Hollywood Undead is not afraid to push the boundaries. Through their lyrics, the band tackles topics that are often not discussed in popular music. They address themes such as isolation, addiction, and mental health with honesty and depth. Their music also reflects the realities that many young people face. By talking about these issues, Hollywood Undead has become a voice for those who feel alone, and that’s something that should be praised.

Thirdly, Hollywood Undead stands out when it comes to their costume design. Since the early days of the band, they have utilized masks as part of their stage persona. Each member of the band has their own unique mask that they wear on stage and during appearances. These masks add a level of creativity to their performances and make them standout in the cluttered music industry, which is something to be admired.

Fourthly, despite the criticism that Hollywood Undead has faced in the past, they have remained committed to their fans. They take the time to connect with their audience members, from tweets to meet and greets. They have also been known to give back to their fans in significant ways, such as inviting them to video shoots or sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Their emphasis on creating a genuine connection and relationship with their fans is one of the admirable things about the band.

Hollywood Undead is undoubtedly an impressive band. From their innovative sound to their honesty in their lyrics, they stand out in the music industry as an act to be revered. But what sets them apart is their commitment to creating music that resonates with the listener. They have remained true to themselves, creating music that is honest and reflective of their experiences. Despite the controversy that has followed them in the past, Hollywood Undead deserves praise for their tenacity and creativity in their craft. We look forward to hearing what they will continue to create and share in the years to come.
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1 - Everywhere I Go
2 - Undead
3 - Bullet
4 - Been to Hell
5 - Levitate
6 - Young
7 - Sell Your Soul
8 - Black Dahlia
9 - No. 5
10 - California
11 - This Love, This Hate
12 - City
13 - Paradise Lost
14 - No Other Place
15 - Bottle and a Gun
16 - The Diary
17 - Hear Me Now
18 - Apologize
19 - Pimpin'
20 - Coming Back Down
21 - My Town
22 - Glory
23 - Knife Called Lust
24 - Tear It Up
25 - Gangsta Sexy
26 - Lights Out
27 - Pour Me
28 - Circles
29 - We Are
30 - Bitches
31 - Tendencies
32 - Comin' In Hot
33 - I Don't Wanna Die
34 - Lump Your Head
35 - Le Deux
36 - Lion
37 - S.c.a.v.a.
38 - The Kids
39 - Mother Murder
40 - Pain
41 - El Urgencia
42 - Another Way Out
43 - Scene For Dummies
44 - Whatever It Takes
45 - California Dreaming
46 - Gravity
47 - Usual Suspects
48 - Renegade
49 - Your Life
50 - We Own The Night
51 - Bang Bang
52 - Pimpin'
53 - Day Of The Dead
54 - Comin’ In Hot
55 - No 5
56 - Dove And Grenade
57 - I Don't Wanna Die
58 - Kill Everyone
59 - Heart Of A Champion Feat. Papa Roach & Ice Nine Kills
60 - City Of The Dead
61 - Chaos
62 - Hour Glass
63 - Gotta Let Go
64 - Evil
65 - House Of Mirrors Feat. @jellyroll
2017: Five
2017: V
2008: Swan Songs


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