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Inti Illimani


Inti Illimani is an artist with a rich musical history. Their treasured songs and excellent albums have been the treasures of many for years! If you've ever listened to South American music, there's no doubt that you've encountered Inti Illimani's signature fast paced guitar strumming, passionate vocals, and intricate body percussion pieces. Their impressive list of albums run through pop, traditional, jazz and European influences which contributed to their mega success around the world. From their groovy 1981 album 'En Vivo' to their more recent 2017 record 'Encuentro en Bolivia', Inti Illimani never disappoints. So today, let's sit back, relax and explore some of the classic tunes that brought this notable band to fame!
Inti Illimani - The Andean Music Legends
One cannot talk about Latin American music without mentioning the legendary Inti Illimani. Founded in 1967, this Chilean band has been an integral part of the Andean music scene for over five decades. Their unique sound, which draws inspiration from indigenous music, has won hearts globally. As we delve into their musical biography, genre, and best songs, we'll look at how they have evolved over the years. So sit back, relax, and join us on this musical journey.
Inti Illimani started as a group of students who shared a passion for traditional Andean music. Over the years, they fused various music styles, including salsa and rock, into their Andean melodies. Their unique sound and political activism did not go unnoticed, earning them several accolades, including the national arts prize in Chile. In 1973, during a political upheaval in Chile, the band went into exile, but this did not deter them from making music. Instead, they continued to create music while staying true to their indigenous roots.
One of their most notable performances was in 1988, in the streets of Santiago, Chile, a few months before the country regained democracy. Their performance on the festival 'La Ternura de los 40' drew a massive crowd and showcased the power of music as a unifying tool. The band has since performed in notable concerts worldwide, influencing the Andean music scene significantly.
The Inti Illimani genre is unlike any other, as they have cleverly fused various music styles while retaining the timeless essence of traditional Andean music. Some of their most popular songs include El Condor Pasa, Canto de Pueblos Andinos, and La Partida. These songs showcase their exceptional prowess in playing various Andean instruments, including the charango, quena, and zampoña. The band's music has spread across the globe, making them one of the most popular Andean music bands in the world.
When it comes to critics, Inti Illimani has received significant acclaim for their excellent musicianship, conscious lyrics, and the ability to bridge various cultures through music. However, some critics have expressed concern about the band's shift towards commercial music, which has led to a dilution of their original Andean sound. Nonetheless, their music legacy remains unchallenged.
Inti Illimani's journey in the Andean music scene has been nothing short of legendary. From traditional Andean music to fusion of other music genres, their rich sound has stood the test of time. The band's history, best songs, and critics' perspectives showcase their musical prowess and significance in the global music scene. As we look into the future, one can only hope that Inti Illimani's music will continue to inspire generations to come.
1 - Alturas
2 - El Mercado Testaccio
3 - El Aparecido
4 - El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido
5 - Rin Del Angelito
6 - Venceremos
7 - Danza Di Cala Luna
8 - Mulata
9 - Samba Lando
10 - Vuelvo
11 - Huajra
12 - Medianoche
13 - Bailando, Bailando
14 - La Petenera
15 - Papel De Plata
16 - Dolencias
17 - Tinku
18 - Tatati
19 - Carta Al Che
20 - Subida
21 - El Arado
22 - Esta Eterna Costumbre
23 - Polo Doliente
24 - Tema De La Quebrada De Humahuaca
25 - Juanito Laguna Remonta Un Barrilete
26 - Longuita
27 - Exiliada Del Sur
28 - Señora Chichera
29 - La Exiliada Del Sur
30 - Sobre Tu Playa
31 - La Fiesta De San Benito
32 - Lo Que Más Quiero
33 - Malagueña
34 - Run Run Se Fue Pa'l Norte
35 - El Surco
36 - La Partida
37 - Corazón Maldito
38 - El Pueblo Unido
39 - Corocora Con Tucán
40 - La Fiesta Eres Tú
41 - San Juanito
42 - El Mercado De Testaccio
43 - Ramis
44 - Calambito Temucano
45 - Charagua
46 - En Libertad
47 - Arriba Quemando El Sol