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New Trolls


Exploring the Musical Journey of the Legendary New Trolls
The world of music has been blessed with some brilliant artists, and there are some whose music has stood the test of time. One of those artists is the legendary New Trolls. A progressive rock band hailing from Italy, they have been in the music scene for more than 50 years. Their music is characterized by an enthralling blend of classical music and rock, which has captivated audiences worldwide. In this post, we'll take a deep dive into the career of New Trolls, exploring their musical biography, best songs, music genres, famous concerts, and a critical analysis.
Musical Biography
New Trolls was founded in Genoa in 1967 by four talented musicians: Vittorio DeScalzi, Nico Di Palo, Mauro Chiarugi, and Giorgio D'Adamo. The band quickly rose to fame in the Italian music scene with their innovative sound and impeccable musicianship. Over the years, the band lineup changed, with some of the members leaving and new ones joining. However, the band's unique blend of rock and classical music remained consistent throughout.
Best Songs
New Trolls have created some fantastic music throughout their career, and it's hard to pick just a few best songs. Some of their most notable hits include Concerto Grosso, Adagio, Le Roi Soleil, La Nuova Predica Di Padre, and Aldebaran. These songs showcase the band's exceptional talents, including their ability to experiment with unusual sounds and incorporate unique instruments such as saxophones, violin, and cello.
Music Genre
New Trolls' music defies easy categorization, but they are primarily a progressive rock band with some classical influences. The band's music often features lush instrumental passages, intricate guitar work, and complex rhythms that set them apart from other rock bands.
Famous Concerts and Critics
Over the years, New Trolls have performed at many famous concerts, including the Sanremo Music Festival, where they represented Italy in 1983. They have also played with world-renowned musicians such as Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull and Steve Hackett from Genesis. Critics have described their live shows as an exciting and unforgettable experience that showcases the band's musical prowess and creativity.
New Trolls have had an impressive career in the world of music, and their music continues to inspire and captivate listeners to this day. Their unique sound, exceptional musicianship, and innovative approach to music have made them one of the most influential progressive rock bands of all time. Whether you're a fan of rock, classical, or any other genre, New Trolls' music is sure to strike a chord with you. So, take a trip down memory lane and immerse yourself in the captivating world of New Trolls.
1 - Una Miniera
2 - Quella carezza della sera
3 - Le Roi Soleil
4 - Let It Be Me
5 - Signore, io sono Irish
6 - Allegro
7 - Quiet Seas
8 - Aldebaran
9 - Ho veduto
10 - Visioni
11 - Studio
12 - Vivace
13 - Nato Adesso
14 - Duemila
15 - Susy Forrester
16 - Searching
17 - The Knowledge
18 - Adagio (shadows)
19 - Cadenza - Andante Con Moto
20 - Davanti Agli Occhi Miei
21 - Bella Come Mai
22 - Vent'anni
23 - Future Joy (scherzo)
24 - Vorrei Comprare Una Strada
25 - Intro And Canone
26 - To Love The Land (adagio)
27 - Storia Di Una Foglia
28 - High Education (cello Cadenza)
29 - I Cavalieri Del Lago Dell'ontario
30 - Paolo E Francesca
31 - One Magic Night (larghetto)
32 - In St. Peter's Day
33 - Testament Of Time (andante)
34 - Lei Mi Diceva
35 - Concerto Grosso N. 1: 3° Tempo: Cadenza-andante Con Moto
36 - Concerto Grosso N. 1, I Tempo: Allegro
37 - Sensazioni
38 - Chi Mi Può Capire