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Orange Juice


Orange Juice was a Scottish post-punk band founded in the middle class Glasgow suburb of Bearsden as the Nu-Sonics in 1976.
Taking a Sip of Orange Juice: A Musical Biography
Who says that there’s no such thing as the perfect blend of pop and punk? Orange Juice has been a testament that music doesn’t need to be divisive, and it can cater to the sonic appetites of everyone. Originally formed in Glasgow in the late 70s, the band has managed to create a style that is as savvy as it is infectious. From their humble beginnings in Postcard Records to their eventual separation after four studio albums, we’ll dive into the musical biography of one of the most influential Scottish bands that you probably haven’t heard about.
When Edwyn Collins formed Orange Juice back in 1979, it was a conscious move to incorporate the energetic sound of punk with the infectious melodies of pop. The band’s debut single Falling and Laughing showcased the early signs of their trademark sound. Edwyn’s smart and introspective lyrics were delivered through melodic guitars, punchy drums, and upbeat basslines. These attributes became more pronounced in 1982? Texas Fever EP, which features their most famous single ‘Rip It Up.’ The song is an instant classic that typified the band's sound as exciting, sophisticated, and playful.
One of the most underrated achievements of Orange Juice is that they were able to stay ahead of the curve and be avant-garde while also being accessible. They introduced elements of jazz, funk, and soul in their music before it became trendy, and they were the original purveyors of the indie dance-rock sound. In their third album The Orange Juice, there is an undeniable sophistication and maturity that surpasses their previous releases. Songs such as What Presence, Lean Period, and Out for the count exhibit Edwyn’s wry humor combined with melodies that manage to be playful and poignant.
As they became more popular, Orange Juice started to push the boundaries of the music industry. They embraced the idea of sampling and produced remixes of their songs themselves even before there was a unified term to describe the practice. Their fourth album The Orange Juice also featured an eclectic selection of tracks, showing that the band was not afraid to experiment. Bridge, for instance, has an almost country western twang, and Consolation Prize has elements of reggae.
Orange Juice may no longer be an active band, but their influence on contemporary pop music is undeniable. The band’s catchy rhythms and brilliant lyricism paved the way for an entire generation of indie-pop bands. They have influenced a wide range of artists, from Belle and Sebastian to Franz Ferdinand to Blur. Even though their time in the limelight was brief, they have cemented their place in music history. Edwyn Collins was also able to establish a successful solo career, which included the hit single A Girl Like You.
It’s no question that Orange Juice deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the many legendary bands that created the British indie-pop sound during the 80s. Their fierce musical independence, smart take on guitar pop, and clever lyrics inspired countless bands to create their music. Orange Juice’s enduring legacy is their contribution to the never-ending conversation amongst music-makers, creatives, and music lovers. They’ve demonstrated that there are always new sounds and techniques to explore and that passionate artists and musical innovators will undoubtedly find the perfect mix.
1 - Moscow Olympics
2 - Rip It Up
3 - Falling and Laughing
4 - Blue Boy
5 - Wan Light
6 - Felicity
7 - I Can't Help Myself
8 - Consolation Prize
9 - Satellite City
10 - Tender Object
11 - Dying Day
12 - Untitled Melody
13 - In a Nutshell
14 - Louise Louise
15 - Three Cheers for Our Side
16 - Simply Thrilled Honey
17 - I Can't Help Myself
18 - Breakfast Time
19 - A Million Pleading Faces
20 - L.o.v.e. Love
21 - Upwards And Onwards
22 - Flesh Of My Flesh
23 - Mud In Your Eye
24 - Turn Away
25 - I Guess I'm Just A Little Too Sensitive
26 - What Presence?!
27 - Tenterhook
28 - Intuition Told Me (part 1)
29 - Holiday Hymn
30 - Hokoyo
31 - Lovesick
32 - Texas Fever
33 - Blokes On 45
34 - You Old Eccentric
35 - Lean Period
36 - (to Put It In A) Nutshell
37 - Intuition Told Me (part 2)
38 - Bridge
39 - Scaremonger
40 - Poor Old Soul (part One)
41 - A Place In My Heart
42 - Out For The Count
43 - A Sad Lament
44 - Poor Old Soul (part Two)