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Proxy artists have played a crucial role in musical history. From Les C3 Classics to Beethoven's greatest works, they have been a part of the soundtrack of our lives. As performers, they have taken songs and albums written by others and interpreted them with an artistry that is unparalleled. But what makes a Proxy artist special? It could be their ability to blend genres and make something completely fresh or it could be their honed interpretations that express emotions in powerful ways. Other musicians take notice and emulate this style, creating even more eclectic music in an ever-changing industry. We owe the finest collections of music to these pioneering proxy artists for taking existing sounds and repurposing them into something entirely new.
From Moscow to the World: The Unstoppable Force of Proxy's Music
When it comes to electronic music, there are few artists who can measure up to the unique sound of Proxy. Currently based in London, this Russian producer has been making waves in the music scene since the early 2000s, gaining a cult following and performing at renowned festivals such as Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival. With a distinctive heavy sound characterized by distorted bass lines, industrial rhythms, and unpredictable drops, Proxy's music stands out among those of his peers. But while the energy of his beats is electrifying, there is much more to Proxy's musical story.
Proxy, whose real name is Evgeny Pozharnov, was born in the city of Moscow in 1980. Growing up, he was influenced by a range of genres, from classic rock to punk rock, hip hop, and metal. However, it wasn't until he immersed himself in the electronic music scene that he found his true calling. While Russia may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of electronic music hotspots, Proxy quickly made a name for himself, releasing his first EP, The Shock Doctrine in 2008. The EP's lead single, Raven became an instant hit, with its aggressive bassline and haunting melody still remembered as one of Proxy's best songs to date.
Over the years, Proxy continued to develop his sound, experimenting with different techniques and incorporating influences from various genres. Whereas his early work was characterized by a raw, abrasive sound that drew comparisons to artists such as Aphex Twin and The Prodigy, Proxy's later releases have shown a more polished edge without losing any of the energy that his fans love. Songs like Nanomed and Junk showcase Proxy's ability to blend distortion and melody, creating music that is both intense and danceable.
Proxy's music has no doubt been influenced by his live performances, which have become legendary for their intensity and unpredictability. Whether he's performing on a small club or a massive stage, Proxy's shows are known for their high-energy, noisy, and chaotic atmosphere. His fans can't resist the call of his music, and his shows are always packed with enthusiasts who come to dance, headbang and mosh. Some of his most famous concerts include his performance at Ultra Music Festival 2009, where he debuted his first live show, as well as his sets at Coachella, EDC, and Tomorrowland.
It would be impossible to talk about Proxy's music without addressing the impact it has had on the electronic music scene. Known for revitalizing the industrial and techno sounds prevalent in the early 2000s, Proxy has become a bridge between electronic music's past and present, continuously pushing the genre forward. Indeed, his influence can be heard in the music of other artists such as Gesaffelstein, Boys Noize, and The Chemical Brothers. Even beyond the electronic music scene, Proxy's musical style has resonated with groups such as the gaming community, with his music appearing in video games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Need for Speed.
In sum, Proxy's journey from Moscow to the world has been one of innovation, experimentation, and unbridled energy. His music has become a testament to the power of electronic music to push boundaries, both sonically and visually. Whether you're a dedicated fan or someone who simply enjoys a good beat, Proxy's music is an experience that draws you in, refusing to let go until the very end. And with each new release and performance, Proxy's legacy as a pioneer of electronic music only continues to grow.
1 - Raven
2 - Decoy
3 - Dance in Dark
4 - Raven - Crookers Remix
5 - 8000
6 - 9000
7 - Nemezis
8 - The Art of Leisure
9 - Uh-Huh
10 - Yes Man
11 - 40 Seconds
12 - Sweet Ballad
13 - Keystar
14 - Mort
15 - Raven (crookers Remix)
16 - 40 Seconds (original Mix)
17 - Who Are You?
18 - Destroy
19 - Raven (live Edit)
20 - Who Are You (the Bloody Beetroots Remix)
21 - Raven (les Petits Pilous Remix)
22 - 8000 (diplo Remix)
23 - Whores
24 - Vibrate (the Bloody Beetroots Remix)
25 - Destroy (riot In Belgium's Serious About Dance Edit)
26 - Dancing In The Dark (dubstep Refix)
27 - Ready 2 Watching
28 - Din Dah
29 - Vibrate (sound Of Stereo Remix)
30 - Who Are You? (770 Eq)
31 - 10
32 - Indian Film
33 - Raw