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Sigma - An Introduction to One of the UK's Most Exciting Musical Duos
Sigma is easily one of the biggest musical duos to come out of the UK. The pair, made up of Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie, started working together in 2006 and slowly made a name for themselves on the underground scene. However, it wasn't until 2013 when they broke into the mainstream with their hit single, Nobody to Love that they really became a household name. Since then, they've gone on to release hit after hit and have toured extensively around the world. In this blog post, we'll be taking a closer look at Sigma's musical biography, their best songs, the genre they fall into, their most famous concerts, and a critical analysis of their work.
Sigma's musical biography begins in 2006 when they started working together in Leeds. They started experimenting with music production and quickly found that they worked well together. Their sound at the time was heavily influenced by drum and bass, which was a popular underground genre at the time. They began playing in local clubs and putting out a few tracks, which slowly started to gain traction within the scene. It was around this time that they signed to the independent record label Life Recordings.
Over the next few years, Sigma continued to release music and play live shows, slowly building up a dedicated fan base. It wasn't until 2013 that they broke into the mainstream when they released their single Nobody to Love. The song prominently features a sample of Kanye West's Bound 2 and was an instant hit, reaching the top of the UK Singles Chart.
From here, Sigma went on to release a string of hit singles, including Changing and Coming Home. Their sound began to evolve beyond drum and bass, incorporating elements of house, garage, and pop. They also started collaborating with other artists and producers to create unique sounds.
In terms of genre, Sigma can be classified as electronic dance music (EDM). While they draw heavily from drum and bass and have helped to popularize the genre, they also incorporate elements of pop and house, making their sound more accessible to a wider audience.
Sigma's most famous concerts include performances at some of the UK's biggest music festivals, such as Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds. They've also toured extensively around Europe and Australia and have played major shows in the US and Asia.
A critical analysis of Sigma's work shows that they are talented producers who have a knack for creating catchy, danceable tracks. They draw from a range of influences and are able to create songs that appeal to both underground and mainstream audiences. While some critics have accused them of being too formulaic, there's no denying that they know how to create a hit song.
Sigma is one of the most exciting musical duos to come out of the UK in recent years. Their sound has evolved beyond their early drum and bass roots and incorporates elements of pop and house. They've had multiple hit singles and have toured extensively around the world. While they may not be everyone's cup of tea, there's no denying that they know how to create a catchy song. If you're a fan of electronic dance music or just enjoy a good beat, then we highly recommend giving Sigma a listen.


1 - Higher
2 - Paint It Black
3 - All Blue
4 - Dawn Alarm
5 - Stronger
6 - War Of The Worlds
7 - On Pro Level
8 - El Presidente Vip
9 - Digital Life
10 - Bad Dreams
11 - Bass To Your Face
12 - Front To Back (original Sin Remix)
13 - Do You Love
14 - Baltimore
15 - Over My Head
16 - Inspire
17 - The Jungle (funtcase Remix)
18 - Nobody to Love
19 - Nobody To Love - Radio Edit
20 - Changing
21 - Find Me
22 - Nobody To Love - Extended Mix
23 - Anywhere
24 - Coming Home
25 - Glitterball
26 - Cry
27 - Here We Go Again
28 - Stay
29 - Redemption
30 - High On You
31 - Sell My Soul
32 - Nobody To Love - Third Party Remix
33 - Dilemma
34 - Nobody To Love (radio Edit)
35 - Glitterball (feat. Ella Henderson)
36 - Higher (feat. Labrinth)
37 - El Presidente
38 - Say Yes Say No
39 - Running
40 - Rudeboy
41 - Living For The Moment
42 - Faded
43 - Strong
44 - Stay The Night
45 - Run From You
46 - The Corner
14: Sigma