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Slam is a producer-DJ duo group from Glasgow, consisting of Stuart McMillan (born 1966, Glasgow) and Orde Meikle (born 1964, Oxford).


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The Musical Biography of Slam: His Journey, Famous Albums, and Songs

Music has a way of moving us in ways that few things can, and it's amazing how music can make us feel so many different emotions all at once. Slam, one of the most well-known musicians in the rap music genre, has succeeded in doing just that with his innovative style. In this article, we'll explore Slam's journey in music, his most famous albums, his most popular songs, the genres he fuses and most importantly, the influences that have shaped his unique style.

Slam, born Naomi Dereje in Dallas, Texas, was raised in a family that loved music. Her parents were both music lovers and encouraged her, which explains why the young Slam was drawn to music from an early age. Her love of music moved beyond just listening to it, and she started writing her own lyrics, making beats, rapping, and performing in small gigs in her hometown.

After honing her craft in high school, Slam moved to Brooklyn in pursuit of her music dreams. Being in Brooklyn proved to be challenging, but it didn't stop her from continuing to make music. From then on, Slam, who was known for her mixtapes like The Dope: Vol. 2 garnered attention from music lovers and fellow peers such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Nas.

Slam has released 6 studio albums in total, starting with her debut album, RAW in 2011, which gained massive popularity. She continued to release back to back commercial hits, including the rapper's beloved debut All That, followed by Atmosphere, The Message, There For Me, Whatcha Gonna Do? and Flex. It's no surprise that Slam has won BET, MOBO, Grammy Awards, and is highly regarded for her music.

One of Slam's most well-known songs is FREEDOM, a song that embodies freedom, resistance, and resilience. The song is a fusion of upbeat Afro beats and rap. It features a collaboration with popular Nigerian artist, Wizkid, adding to the dynamic mix of the song. Other popular songs from Slam include OMW, ATM, Purple Roses, Tell Me, and Mood, among others.

When it comes to Slam's musical style and influences, it's clear that she fuses various genres of music. Her music is a blend of hip-hop, R&B, pop, Afro beats, and a touch of reggae, and this approach is what sets her apart from her contemporaries. Slam has stated that her music is inspired by J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, and Tupac. It's evident that Slam's music is shaped from her experiences and her perspective on life.

Slam's musical journey is inspiring, especially when looking at how she started from small gigs to selling out concerts across the world. Her music is an example of how talent, determination, and hard work can pay off, and her work continues to inspire audiences worldwide. Slam's music is a fusion of different styles that make her unique among other rappers. With a talent that's expanding every year, there is no question that we will be seeing more from this talented rapper in years to come.
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1 - Positive Education
2 - Intensities In-Ten-Cities
3 - This World
4 - Eterna
5 - Rotary
6 - Temperance - Original Mix
7 - Azure
8 - Gerimis Mengundang
9 - I Turn On
10 - Lifetimes
11 - This Is
12 - Vapour
13 - Hot Knives
14 - Visions
15 - Alien Radio
16 - Bass Addiction
17 - Virtuoso
18 - Kill The Pain
19 - We Doin' This Again?
20 - Ghost Song (joris Voorn Remix)
21 - Bright Lights Fading
22 - Azure (part 1)
23 - Dark Forces
24 - Lie To Me
25 - We Medicate
26 - Positive Education (richie Hawtin's Stripped Mix)
27 - Known Pleasures
28 - One Note Samba
29 - Ghost Electric
30 - Cirklon Bells (edit Select Remix) - Mixed
31 - Ghost Song
32 - Clap Your Hands
33 - Stepback
34 - Human
35 - Variance
2004: Year Zero
1996: Headstates


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