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The Rumjacks


The Rumjacks - A Musical Biography and Review
Are you a fan of Celtic punk rock? If yes, then you may have already heard the name 'The Rumjacks.' Known for their unique blend of folk, punk, and rock, The Rumjacks has been taking the music industry by storm since the release of their debut album 'Gangs of New Holland' in 2010. Over the years, the band has earned a loyal fan following and has performed in countless music festivals around the world. In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into The Rumjacks' musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic review.
The Rumjacks hails from Sydney, Australia, and was formed in 2008. The band's line-up consists of Frankie McLaughlin (vocals), Johnny McKelvey (bass guitar), Gabriel Whitbourne (guitar), Adam Kenny (bouzouki), and Pietro Della Sala (drums). The Rumjacks' style of music is a blend of Celtic folk, punk, and rock, which they call 'whiskey-soaked folk punk.' The band's music is influenced by artists such as The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys, and Flogging Molly.
One of The Rumjacks' best-known songs is 'An Irish Pub Song.' Released in 2011, the song has become an anthem in pubs and music festivals across the globe. The song's catchy tune, upbeat rhythm, and humorous lyrics tell the story of a person's experience in an Irish pub. 'The Derby Ram' is another popular track by The Rumjacks, showcasing the band's skillful use of traditional instruments such as bouzouki, tin whistle, and accordion, combined with punk rock guitars and drums.
The Rumjacks' music is often described as Celtic punk rock, which is a sub-genre of punk rock that incorporates Celtic folk music. This genre became popular in the early 2000s and has since become a distinct sound in the punk rock scene. Bands such as The Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly are also considered pioneers of Celtic punk rock, but The Rumjacks brings a unique flavor by combining it with traditional Australian folk influences.
The Rumjacks has performed in some notable music festivals such as the Wacken Open Air in Germany and the Rock Am Ring festival in Sweden. The band's energetic live performances, combined with their catchy tunes, have earned them a devoted fan base worldwide. Critics have praised The Rumjacks' intriguing blend of music genres, calling it a breath of fresh air in the punk rock scene.
In a critic review by Punknews.org, The Rumjacks' latest album 'Hestia' was described as an album everyone can rally behind, filled with the catharsis, intensity, and beauty that only punk rock can provide. The album was released in 2021 and features some of the band's best works, including tracks such as 'Light in my Shadow' and 'Through These Iron Sights.' The critic review also praises the band's use of traditional instruments to enhance the album's sound and vibe.
In conclusion, The Rumjacks has made a name for themselves with their unique blend of Celtic folk, punk, and rock music. The band's use of traditional instruments combined with punk rock guitars and drums have created an electric sound that fans have fallen in love with. Their energetic live performances and catchy tunes have earned them a loyal fan following and a reputation as a must-see band in music festivals worldwide. The Rumjacks' latest album 'Hestia' has been praised by critics, marking their growth as a band and their ability to create an album that embodies the beauty of punk rock music. If you're a fan of Celtic punk rock music, then The Rumjacks is a band that you must add to your playlist.
Next Concert
2024-06-15 h: 20:30
Le Forum
Paris, France
1 - Uncle Tommy
2 - My Time Again
3 - I'll Tell Me Ma!
4 - The Pot & Kettle
5 - A Fistful O' Roses
6 - The Black Matilda
7 - Green Ginger Wine
8 - Jolly Executioner
9 - Mclaughlin's Rant
10 - Big Man Down
11 - Sainted Millions
12 - Pinchgut
13 - Spit In The Street
14 - The Terrible Sea
15 - Bar The Door Casey
16 - Roll Away Alone
17 - The Foreman O’rourke
18 - Mcalpines Fusiliers
19 - Down With The Ship
20 - The Bold Rumjacker
21 - Bullhead
22 - Billy Mckinley
23 - Patron Saint O' Thieves
24 - Marie's Wedding
25 - Kirkintilloch
26 - All The Old Winejacks
27 - Shadrach Hannigan
28 - Hestia
29 - Katoomba
30 - 'eight Beers' Mcgee
31 - The Plantin' O'kitty Randall
32 - Blows & Unkind Words
33 - Paddy Goes To Babylon
34 - No Pockets In A Shroud
35 - One Summers Day
36 - Saints Preserve Us
37 - Murder Shanty
38 - Goodnight & Make Mends
39 - Plenty
40 - Light In My Shadow
41 - Zielona Gora
42 - Bloodsoaked In Chorus
43 - Barred For Life
44 - Fact'ry Jack
45 - One For The Road
2021: Hestia


2024-06-15 h: 20:30
Le Forum
Paris, France
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