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The Statler Brothers

The Statler Brothers (sometimes simply referred to The Statlers) were an American country music, gospel, and vocal group. The quartet was formed in 1955 performing locally and, from 1964-72, they sang as opening act and backup singers for Johnny Cash.
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2002: ''Amen''
1996: ''Oh Happy Day''
1994: ''Christmas Wishes''
1993: ''How Great Thou Art''
1990: ''Music, Memories and You''
1987: ''Maple Street Memories''
1984: ''Atlanta Blue''
1982: ''The Legend Goes On''
1981: ''Years Ago''
1979: ''The Originals''
1977: ''Short Stories''
1977: ''The Country America Loves''
1976: ''Harold, Lew, Phil, and Don''
1975: ''Holy Bible: The New Testament''
1975: ''Holy Bible: The Old Testament''
1974: ''Sons of the Motherland''
1973: ''Carry Me Back''
1973: ''Country Symphonies in E Major''
1973: ''Thank You World''
1972: ''Country Music Then and Now''
1972: ''Innerview''
1971: ''Bed of Rose's''
1971: ''Pictures of Moments to Remember''
1967: ''The Statler Brothers Sing the Big Hits''
1966: ''Flowers on the Wall''