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The Musical Journey of Toothgrinder

Every musician has a unique story of how they arrived at their current position in the industry. Some start early, picking up instruments in childhood, while others stumble into it later in life. Toothgrinder is no exception. This American progressive metal band has undergone various changes throughout its existence. In this piece, we will take a closer look at the journey of Toothgrinder, from the beginning to their most famous albums, songs, and beyond.

Toothgrinder was formed in New Jersey, in 2010. Matt Mielke, Wills Weller, and Jason Goss started the band as a side project during their high school years. They added drummer Wally Tinnel and kept the project going. In 2012, Scott Meadows joined the band, providing vocals to their sound. Over the years, Toothgrinder’s sound has expanded, combining various genres such as hardcore, metal, and progressive rock to produce unique pieces. Their unpredictable style and technicality have proven to be their unique selling points.

Their first EP, Turning of the Tides, released in 2013, brought the band into the spotlight. The record showcased masterful technicality and added a layer of emotional depth that is not often seen from a relatively new band. The songs on that album told stories about things that mattered to the band. Their breakout album, Nocturnal Masquerade, released in 2016, cemented their place in the metal scene. The album featured hit tracks, such as Lace & Anchor and Blue, and propelled them to national attention.

Toothgrinder's musical style can be described as a punk-rock energy that is driven by a progressive and metal sound. Their songs feature fascinating lyrical content dealing with existentialism and the human experience. Unlike many metal acts, Toothgrinder doesn't stick to a particular theme, diving into personal experiences and emotions with ease.

Their album Phantom Amour, released in 2017, carried on the legacy of Nocturnal Masquerade. The album features elaborate guitar work and a more refined vocal styling, establishing themselves as a metal force to be reckoned with. The album also showcased their songwriting abilities, fusing fantasy with real-life situations to produce tracks such as The Shadow and Let it Ride.

Toothgrinder's musical journey has been a thrilling ride. From their formative years in high school to establishing themselves as a notable metal act, their road to fame has shown us that perseverance and dedication pay off. Toothgrinder's sound is unique and unconventional, showcasing their technicality across four impactful albums. Their influence continues to be felt in the music industry, inspiring upcoming generations. Despite the many changes the band has gone through, they remain true to their belief, delivering hit after hit. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this band.
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1 - The Hour Angle
2 - The House (that Fear Built)
3 - Vagabond
4 - Blue
5 - Diamonds For Gold
6 - The Shadow
7 - The Chain
8 - Hvy
9 - I Am
10 - Let It Ride
11 - Phantom Amour
12 - Jubilee
13 - Lace & Anchor
14 - Relic Of My Youth
15 - Reality Juggernaut
2019: I Am