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Transistor Girl


Last songs aggiornate a Agosto 2022
Don't You Let Me Go
As She Walks Away
Reaching For The Sky


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A new single: Don't You Let Me Go


Interview to a new emerging band, the Transistor Girl

STAIMUSIC: Hi guys, what's the origin of that name? I find interesting the name Transistor Girl..

STAIMUSIC: Who are your major influences?
TRANSISTOR GIRL: Difficult to say because there are so many great artists around who influence us consciously or subconsciously. A few that come to mind are Pink Floyd, Portishead, Johnny Cash, Fink, Radiohead, John Barry...

STAIMUSIC: What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?
TRANSISTOR GIRL: Introspection, relationships, inner struggle, dreams, human condition

STAIMUSIC: What inspired you to make music together?
TRANSISTOR GIRL: We always had a great connection musically and had talked about starting a project together for years.

STAIMUSIC: Do you have any upcoming shows?
TRANSISTOR GIRL: Usine, Geneva, march 29th

STAIMUSIC: Do you have any further projects?
TRANSISTOR GIRL: New material for 2019

We strong recommend this new emerging band, their minimalist sound is with a soft melancholic voice is truly cool!
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Le migliori canzoni di Transistor Girl - la classifica dei top 3 brani dell'artista

1. - Reaching For The Sky
2. - As She Walks Away
3. - Don't You Let Me Go