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Artist: Doop Album: Circus Doop

Year: 1995
Duration: 0:0-1

Circus Doop: A Critical Look at Doop's Album

Doop, the pseudonym of the Dutch musician and producer, Ferry Ridderhof, released the album Circus Doop in 1994 under the record label, Digidance. The album is a mix of dance, electronic, and hip-hop music, with a nostalgic and retro feel. Doop himself describes the music as cartoon hip-hop. In this critical review of the album, we'll explore the history of the artist, the music style of the album, the standout tracks, and the most innovative parts of Circus Doop.

Ferry Ridderhof started his music career in the late 80s, producing music for artists such as 2 Static and Twenty 4 Seven. In 1994, he released his own album under the pseudonym Doop, with the hit single Doop reaching number one on the UK singles chart. The album features samples from old jazz, swing, and big band tracks, with Doop rapping and singing over the top. It's a unique and fun blend of old and new sounds.

The music genre of Circus Doop could be described as hip-hop with a twist. The beats and rhythms are distinctly hip-hop, but the vintage samples give the tracks a swing and jazzy feel. The album also includes electronic elements, such as synthesizers and drum machines, which were prominent in the dance music scene of the early 90s. The playful and quirky lyrics add to the overall feel of the album, making it a fun and enjoyable listen.

There are several standout tracks on Circus Doop, including Doop and Huckleberry Jam. Doop is the infectious hit that put Doop on the music map, with its catchy hook and jazzy horns. Huckleberry Jam is another standout track that features a sample from an old jazz record, paired with modern hip-hop beats. The track has a fun and carefree feel, perfect for dancing along with.

The most innovative parts of Circus Doop lie in its sampling and production. The album features samples from old jazz, swing, and big band music, which were uncommon in hip-hop and dance music at the time. Doop's production blends these vintage samples with more modern elements, creating a unique and retro sound. The album's playful and humorous lyrics and raps add to the innovative feel, making for a memorable listening experience.

Overall, Circus Doop is a fun and unique album that blends vintage samples with modern hip-hop and electronic beats. The album's standout tracks, such as Doop and Huckleberry Jam, are infectious and enjoyable, while its innovative use of sampling and production make for a one-of-a-kind listening experience. However, the album does fall short in its diversity, with most tracks having a similar sound.

Doop's Circus Doop is undoubtedly a unique and fun album worth a listen for those who enjoy quirky and vibrant music. Doop's innovative use of sampling and playful lyrics make for a memorable listening experience. However, the album may not be for everyone, as its lack of diversity in sound could become repetitive. Overall, Circus Doop is a nostalgic blast from the past and a great example of the music of the early 90s.