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The very best of minimal

A selection of the best minimal artists. Minimal art is a style with characteristics embracing simplicity and reduction. Highly influential artists have used this movement to display powerful works that rely on structure or atmosphere, utilizing basic shapes and objects in creative contexts. It has led to minimalist art achieving worldwide recognition as an important genre. At the forefront of this exciting art form are a selection of the very best minimal artists. These innovators have taken minimalism to new heights, producing remarkable pieces that can equal grand decorative works in terms of magnitude and power. Color usage is sparse within these works, instead relying on simple line drawings or mechanistic forms presented in unique ways to differentiate individual pieces. The creativity and ambition within even the most surprising of minimal compositions cannot be overstated; minimalist artistÕs preferred aesthetic can often draw artistic expression out of ordinary objects, conveying more importance to repetition, balance and final impact than extravagance could ever achieve. The selection at hand merits admiration for it includes some of the truly talented figures who excel in such endeavors.
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