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The very best of post metal

A selection of the best post metal artists. Are you looking for the ultimate post metal experience? Search no further! Here is a selection of the best post metal artists. From tenured veterans of the genre to modern innovators, we've hand-selected our favorite standout acts from this dynamic sonic territory. So put on your headgear and get ready for some serious oscillations ? these artists have come together converge bring hard truths and musical prowess in this penetrating sound expedition. Don't miss out on a chance to discover characters inspired by personal struggles or attempting to make sense of their environment. Immerse yourself in their ruminative stories as they spin you through sonic pretzels and eclectic choruses of guttural swells, that's simply unavoidable when dealing with 5+, 6+ independent heavy opinions uniting into heightened bliss or an immersive abyss; like portico fabrics draped in trance wakings.

The Best of Post Metal: A Journey Through the Genre
Music is a universal language that can speak volumes about the human experience. The metal genre, in particular, has a way of expressing raw emotion and intense feelings. Post metal, a subgenre of metal music, elevates that level of emotionality to new heights. This genre of music is powerful, introspective, and immersive. In this blog post, we'll take a journey through the history of post metal, talk about notable songs, and highlight some of the best post metal artists.
Post-metal is a genre that emerged in the late 1990s, as a deviation from traditional doom and sludge metal. This new genre of music combined elements of post-rock, ambient, and experimental music with the heavy, loud, and raw power of metal. One of the most prominent bands in the early days of post-metal was Neurosis. Their 1996 album 'Through Silver in Blood' is considered a classic in the genre. Other notable early bands include Isis and Pelican.
One of the defining features of post-metal is its use of atmospheric soundscapes to create a sense of space and depth in the music. Bands like Cult of Luna and Rosetta have mastered this technique. Their songs often start off slow, building with layers of eerie harmonies and textures, before exploding into crushing riffs and thunderous drumming. The juxtaposition of calmness and chaos is like a roller coaster ride of emotions.
The genre of post-metal has also seen a lot of crossover into other genres of music. A lot of bands experiment with combining post-metal with elements of black metal, shoegaze, and even electronic music. Deafheaven, for example, blends black metal with post-metal to create a unique sound. Their 2015 album 'New Bermuda' received critical acclaim and was considered one of the best albums of the year.
There are some truly standout songs in the post-metal genre that represent the best of what it has to offer. One example is 'In Fiction' by Isis. This song showcases the band's ability to create a sense of space, with its haunting piano chords and distortion-heavy guitars. Another example is 'Echoes' by Cult of Luna. This song evokes a sense of atmosphere and calmness before exploding into a frenzy of aggression and intensity.
Finally, let's talk about some of the best post-metal artists in the genre. Neurosis, Isis, and Cult of Luna have all been mentioned, but other bands worth checking out include Pelican, Russian Circles, and If These Trees Could Talk. These bands all have their unique sound, but they all share a common thread of creating music that is powerful, immersive, and transportive.
Post-metal is a genre of music that continues to grow and evolve. The use of atmospheric soundscapes, experimentation with different genres, and intense emotional themes make post-metal a captivating and powerful genre of music. Whether you're a fan of the old-school bands like Neurosis or looking for something new like Deafheaven, there is something for everyone in the post-metal genre. So plug in your headphones, and let the music take you on a journey through the depths of raw emotion and intense feeling.