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The very best of swing

A selection of the best swing artists. Swing is a jazzy genre with a signature hit of sophistication and style. Here at the Music Shop, we've compiled a selection of the Aussie music scene's finest swing artists for your listening pleasure. From trad jazz legends who've been thrilling audiences for decades to today's hottest young tips rising from club fusions of fast paced swung rhythms, we've handpicked all our favorites to entertain you. Come let loose as you feel the full force of swing, experience lively solos and toe tapping endless good vibes that'll keep you coming back. Join us on this exciting voyage through a unique collection of the very best in swing developed just for you Ð it's time to enjoy!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Cab Calloway - The Man from Harlem
2-Cab Calloway - Boog It
3-Cab Calloway - My Gal
4-Glenn Miller - Jingle Bells
5-Glenn Miller - Over the Rainbow