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Laura Marling

Laura Marling: The Musical Prodigy with a Soothing Melodic Voice
Music has the power to touch our hearts and souls in ways unimaginable. There are times when we feel lost, and we find music as a way to anchor ourselves. One such artist touching the hearts of many is Laura Marling. The British singer/songwriter has quickly gained a name for herself as one of the best folk-rock musicians of our time. This blog post looks at Laura Marling, her background, her music genre, some of her best songs, notable concerts, and a critique of her work.
Laura Marling was born in Hampshire, England, on February 1, 1990. She began playing guitar at a young age and went on to attend the BRIT school, where she honed her music skills. Her first break came in 2007, when she was asked to join the band Noah and the Whale. After a year, she left the band and started pursuing a solo career. Marling has since released seven studio albums and received a nomination for the Mercury Prize.
Marling's music is a mix of folk and rock genres but mostly characterized by her acoustic guitar playing and soulful voice. One of her best songs and a fan favorite is Ghosts, which she released in 2008. The song is simple yet full of depth and offers a glimpse into Marling's musical brilliance. Other notable songs include Sophia, Night After Night, and Rambling Man, all of which are characterized by her intimate and insightful lyrics.
Laura Marling's music has graced some of the most famous stages, such as the famous Royal Albert Hall in London. Marling's concerts are characterized by a sense of intimacy and connection with her fans. She commands the stage with her soothing voice, taking her audience on a journey through her music. Her concerts are a place of refuge, a place to escape the world and bask in the beauty of her music.
A seasoned musician with years of experience under her belt, Marling's music has received an array of different critiques. However, one recurring critique is that her music is too perfect, lacking the rawness of what some consider true folk music. While this is up for a debate, it is hard to dispute the fact that Marling has created a space for herself in the music world, with a unique blend of music that transcends genres.
In conclusion, Laura Marling is a musical prodigy with a soothing melodic voice. Her music connects with people across generations, cultures, and nations. Her songs capture the essence of the human experience, making her one of the best singer/songwriters of our time. Marling's music is pure, honest, and sincere, with words that speak directly to the soul. If you haven't listened to her music yet, it's definitely worth checking out!


1 - Cross Your Fingers
2 - Night Terror
3 - Devil's Spoke
4 - Rambling Man
5 - Failure
6 - Blackberry Stone
7 - Tap At My Window
8 - Old Stone
9 - New Romantic
10 - Made By Maid
11 - The Captain And The Hourglass
12 - Alpha Shallows
13 - Shine
14 - Hope In The Air
15 - What He Wrote
16 - Your Only Doll (dora)
17 - I Speak Because I Can
18 - Darkness Descends
19 - Take The Night Off
20 - Master Hunter
21 - I Was An Eagle
22 - Sophia
23 - The Muse
24 - The Beast
25 - Night After Night
26 - Where Can I Go?
27 - Salinas
28 - You Know
29 - All My Rage
30 - False Hope
31 - Breathe
32 - My Friends
33 - Rest In The Bed
34 - Little Love Caster
35 - Undine
36 - London Town
37 - Once
38 - Love Be Brave
39 - Goodbye England (covered In Snow)
40 - Wild Fire
41 - Short Movie
42 - Don't Ask Me Why
43 - I Was Just A Card
44 - Devil's Resting Place
45 - Held Down
46 - Soothing
47 - Crawled Out Of The Sea (interlude)
48 - You're No God
49 - My Manic And I
50 - Devil's Spoke
51 - Ghosts
52 - Alexandra
53 - Strange Girl
54 - Don't Pass Me By
55 - Kathy’s Song