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Macabre is a death metal band from Chicago, Illinois, and have never had a line-up change. They blend thrash metal, death metal, and grindcore (sometimes with nursery rhymes and folk melodies) to form their own unique style dubbed murder metal.
The Dark Musical Journey of Macabre
Macabre is a band that has been around for over 35 years, captivating audiences with their unique blend of death metal, grindcore, and punk rock. The band has a reputation for creating songs about serial killers and other dark subjects, earning them the title of murder metal. In this article, we will take a journey through the musical biography of Macabre, highlighting some of their best songs and discussing their music genre. We will also delve into their most famous concerts and hear a critic's perspective on their style.
Macabre was formed in 1985 by vocalist and guitarist, Corporate Death, and drummer, Dennis the Menace. The band began with a grindcore sound, but as they evolved, they found inspiration in death metal and punk rock. Their early albums, such as Gloom, Sinister Slaughter, and Dahmer, were inspired by infamous serial killers, with each song dedicated to a different murderer. Despite the macabre subject matter, the band's sense of humor shines through, giving their songs a unique edge.
One of the band's most famous songs is Ed Gein, released in 1992, which tells the story of the infamous Wisconsin killer who inspired the character of Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs. The song is a perfect example of the band's dark sense of humor, with lines like Ed Gein will make a lamp out of you. Another notable track is Night Stalker, inspired by the notorious Los Angeles serial killer Richard Ramirez, which features fast-paced guitar riffs and brutal drumming.
While Macabre's music is often classified as death metal, the band incorporates elements of punk rock and grindcore into their sound. This unique blend has earned them a devoted following, with fans drawn to their infectious melodies and dark humor. The band's live shows are legendary, with Corporate Death's intense vocals and stage presence commanding attention. Fans can often be seen wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the band's macabre logo, featuring a cartoonish skull with a grin.
One of Macabre's most famous concerts took place at Chicago's Congress Theatre in 1994, where they played alongside other notable metal bands such as Obituary and Napalm Death. The show was a celebration of the band's fifth album, Behind the Wall of Sleep, and showcased their unique blend of death metal and punk rock. Critics praised the band's energy and showmanship, with many citing Corporate Death's ability to connect with the crowd.
A critic's perspective on Macabre's style is best summed up by Metal Injection's Cody Davis, who writes, Macabre is one of the few bands out there that isn't afraid to tackle taboo subject matter and make it funny. Their mix of death metal, punk rock, and grindcore is unlike anything else out there. Davis goes on to praise the band's technical abilities, noting their ability to blend genres seamlessly.
In conclusion, Macabre's journey through the world of music has been a dark and twisted one, but one that has captivated audiences for over 35 years. Their unique blend of death metal, punk rock, and grindcore sets them apart from other bands in the genre, while their macabre subject matter and dark humor has earned them a devoted following. The band's live shows are legendary, with Corporate Death's intense vocals and stage presence commanding attention. As they continue to produce music and connect with fans, Macabre's legacy in the world of metal is sure to endure for years to come.
1 - Lazy Lady
2 - Dog Guts
3 - Jeffrey Dahmer And The Chocolate Factory
4 - In The Army Now
5 - Hitchhiker
6 - Grandmother's House
7 - Ambassador Hotel
8 - Drill Bit Lobotomy
9 - Exposure
10 - Scrub A Dub Dub
11 - Coming To Chicago
12 - Grandmother's House
13 - Blood Bank
14 - Mary Bell
15 - Apartment 213
16 - Mcdahmers
17 - Do The Dahmer
18 - Bath House
19 - The Brain
20 - Acid Bath Vampire
21 - Into The Toilet With You
22 - Dahmer's Dead
23 - Temple Of Bones
24 - Konerak
25 - You're Dying To Be With Me
26 - Trial
27 - Christopher Scarver
28 - Fatal Foot Fetish
29 - Montreal Massacre
30 - Baptized
31 - The Ted Bundy Song
32 - The Iceman
33 - White Hen Decapitator
34 - Dorthea's Dead Folks Home
35 - Poison
36 - Shotgun Peterson
37 - Gacy's Lot
38 - Morbid Minister
39 - Diary Of Torture
40 - Is It Soup Yet?
41 - Jack The Ripper
42 - Sniper In The Sky
43 - Vampire Of Dusseldorf
44 - Embalmer
45 - Locusta
46 - How 'bout Some Coffee
47 - Werewolf Of Bedburg
48 - Jeffrey Dahmer Blues
49 - Trampled To Death
50 - The Boston Strangler
2000: Dahmer
1989: Gloom