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Are you looking to get yourself into the musical history books? Then look no further than Royal Blood! They've been an iconic artist with unforgettable songs and inspiring albums to prove they're much more than just a passing fad. With an impressive range of powerful and emotive tracks, they’ve cultivated one of the best discographies ever. Whether it's their burning energy that you love about them or their decadently melodic masterpieces, you can't deny the impact that theirs music has had on both pop, rock and beyond!
The Royal Blood Phenomenon: A Journey Through Their Music
Have you ever heard of a rock band that only consists of two members – a vocalist and a drummer? That's right; we are talking about the incredible English duo, Royal Blood. These guys have taken the rock world by storm and have gained a massive fan following in a short period. In this article, we will take you through their musical biography, their journey to fame, the best songs that they have produced, their music genre, famous concerts, and a critical review of their music.
The band Royal Blood was formed in Brighton in 2013 by vocalist/bassist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher. Before coming together, the duo played in different bands, and it was just coincidence that they met each other and decided to form a band. Their self-titled debut album 'Royal Blood' was released in 2014, and it was a massive success. The album was nominated for the Mercury Prize and topped the UK rock chart.
The music genre of Royal Blood can be best described as a blend of garage rock, hard rock, and blues rock. Their music style primarily consists of heavy bass and guitar riffs, infused with punchy drums and powerful vocals that create an electrifying sound that music lovers crave. Some of their best songs include 'Out of the Black,' 'Figure it Out,' and 'Little Monster.' These songs are a perfect representation of their signature sound and are a great introduction to their music.
Royal Blood has performed at some of the most iconic music festivals in the world, including Glastonbury, Splendour in the Grass, and Reading and Leeds festival. Their live performances are nothing short of a musical spectacle, with Mike and Ben taking the stage with their high energy and enthusiasm, leaving the audience in awe.
Now let's talk about their most recent album 'Typhoons,' which was released in April 2021. This album is a testament to the band's journey of evolution, showcasing a new sound that is more dance-friendly as compared to their earlier works. The album consists of ten tracks that are a pleasure to listen to. The songs 'Trouble's Comin' and 'Typhoons' are noteworthy and are an excellent representation of the band's new sound.
Critical reception of Royal Blood's music has been overwhelmingly positive. Their debut album received critical acclaim and was commercially successful, with its hard-rocking tracks attracting a considerable fan following. Their sophomore album 'How Did We Get So Dark' was equally well received. Critics praised the band for their ability to keep pushing their limits and not becoming stagnant while staying true to their sound.
In conclusion, Royal Blood's music is nothing short of exhilarating and electrifying. They have managed to carve a unique space in the rock music world with their high-energy performances and signature sound. Whether you are a fan of hard rock or not, their music is worth checking out – and once you get hooked, there'll be no turning back. Royal Blood is a band that is here to stay, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future.

Latest news about Royal Blood

Get ready to rock, as some of music's finest are headed to Hill Farm in Steventon Oxfordshire for Truck Festival! From the chart topping Self Esteem and Alt-J, to iconic headliners Royal Blood and Two Door Cinema Club - there'll be something special waiting at this summer delight. Joining them will be The Wombats plus festival favourites The Vaccines & Everything Everything. After having their 2021 gig cancelled due Covid, Royal Blood have promised "a party" when they return on 21st July; three days packed full of unforgettable sounds crafted by those you can't stop listening too!

Royal Blood: A Fresh Sound Shaping the Future of Rock

Royal Blood has made an impressive entrance into the music industry, with a sound that is both commendable and stimulating. Their take on rock-oriented music fuses modern styles of alternative rock to heavy metal, producing songs that captivate you from start to finish. Despite this unique talent they possess, Royal Blood is not without its faults; some people find their repertoire too tame or sometimes even forgettable. Today we shall look at both facets of Royal Blood's competent musical style by exploring the highlights of their career and pointing out points which could be improved upon! That being said, let's take a dive right in!

The sound of rock music has evolved over time, welcoming alternative and heavy metal styles that reflect the current culture and music trends. Royal Blood has emerged as an innovative band in the music industry that combines these fresh styles in an alluring way. With their powerful music, the band has mesmerized audiences of all types, and their popularity continues to soar. Today, we will explore the highlights of Royal Blood's career and examine areas where they could improve.

Royal Blood has taken the music scene by storm since they emerged in 2013 with their self-titled debut album. The songs on this album were dynamic and powerful, featuring tracks like Figure It Out and Little Monster. The unique sound of the band is attributed to the fact that they consist only of a singer and bassist. This setup creates a distinctive sound that resonates with their audience. Their second album, How Did We Get So Dark? was equally captivating, featuring a darker tone that meshed well with their hard-hitting music.

Apart from their studio work, Royal Blood is also known for their electrifying live performances. Their ability to hold large crowds spellbound is a testimony to their musical prowess and showmanship. The dynamic interplay between their bass guitar and drums creates a sound that reverberates through the concert venues and leaves fans wanting more.

However, despite their obvious musical talent, Royal Blood has been criticized for being too monotonous in their songwriting. Their music follows a particular formula, which some people find to be predictable and unexciting. This criticism has also been reflected in their album sales, as their latest album did not do as well as their previous work.

Another aspect of Royal Blood's music that could be improved upon is their lack of lyrical depth. While their songs are engaging on a musical level, their lyrics do not always hit the same mark. Some critics have described their lyrics as vague and forgettable, which detracts from the overall listening experience.

Royal Blood is undoubtedly a band with a unique and refreshing sound that has won them fans all over the world. Their live performances and studio albums are a testament to their musical abilities and vision. However, as with any artist, there is always room for improvement, and Royal Blood is no exception. By addressing these criticisms and continuing to evolve their sound, they can cement their place as an influential and enduring band in the music industry. So if you are a music lover looking for something exciting and fresh, Royal Blood's sound is certainly worth a listen!
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1 - Out Of The Black
2 - Little Monster
3 - Ten Tonne Skeleton
4 - Come On Over
5 - Loose Change
6 - Blood Hands
7 - You Can Be So Cruel
8 - Careless
9 - Better Strangers
10 - Lights Out
11 - Where Are You Now?
12 - Hook, Line & Sinker
13 - How Did We Get So Dark?
14 - Look Like You Know
15 - Hole In Your Heart
16 - Hole
17 - Don't Tell
18 - Sleep
19 - You Want Me
20 - Love And Leave It Alone
21 - One Trick Pony
22 - West Coast (lana Del Rey Cover)
23 - Cool Job
24 - I Only Lie When I Love You
25 - Figure It Out
26 - Trouble’s Coming
27 - She's Creeping
28 - Don't Tell
29 - Typhoons
30 - My Sharona - Recorded At Abbey Road Studios, London
31 - Trouble’s Coming - Purple Disco Machine Remix
32 - Rich Castaway - Original Mix
33 - Out Of The Black [explicit]
34 - Trouble's Coming
35 - Limbo
36 - Boilermaker
37 - Honeybrains
38 - All We Have Is Now
39 - Mountains At Midnight
40 - Pull Me Through
41 - Shiner In The Dark