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Artist: Boney M Album: Boonoonoonoos

Year: 1981
Duration: 0:0-1

A Deep Dive into Boney M's Album Boonoonoonoos

Boney M, a band from Germany, has left an indelible mark on the music industry with their remarkable music and signature sound. Led by the legendary Frank Farian, they gave the world some of the most iconic songs of all time, including Daddy Cool, Rivers of Babyon, and Rasputin. In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into one of their lesser-known albums, Boonoonoonoos. We'll cover the album's history, its genre, the best songs, and our take on the most innovative parts.

Boonoonoonoos was released in 1981, in the aftermath of the energy crisis and the Cold War. The album featured a mix of pop, reggae, and Caribbean-style music. It was also the first album to feature new member Reggie Tsiboe, who joined the band in 1980. The album's title is derived from a Latvian word that means happiness, which is the overarching theme of the album.

Now let's dive into the best songs of the album. The first track, Boonoonoonoos, is the perfect opener, with its catchy melody and energy. The second track, That's Boonoonoonoos/Train to Skaville/ I Shall Sing, is a fun mashup of different genres that the band excels at. Silent Lover is another standout track, with its soulful vocals and memorable lyrics.

The most innovative parts of the album have to be the unique cultural influences that the band infused into the songs. The use of the steel drum and African beats in Going Back West and the use of Indian Sitar in Homeland Africa show how the band was not afraid to experiment and bring new sounds into their music.

Now, onto our critique of the album. While overall, Boonoonoonoos is a great album with memorable songs, some of the tracks feel like filler. The slower tracks like Jimmy and African Moon could have been left off, and the album would still be as good. Additionally, some of the songs feel like they are trying too hard to fit into the reggae and calypso genres, which detracts from the band's signature sound.

Boonoonoonoos is an enjoyable album that showcases Boney M's versatility and their willingness to experiment with different sounds and cultures. While it's not their most famous album, it's still a great addition to any music lover's collection. The album has its high points and a few low ones, but overall, it's a solid effort from a band that helped define a generation of music.