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The very best of jump up

A selection of the best jump up artists. Do you want to listen to the very best in jump up music? Look no further! We have assembled a selection of the greatest jump up artists out there just for you. Immerse yourself in each artist's unique sound, and enjoy different takes on the bass culture genre. Whether you prefer evergreens from Legitimate Scandal and Jungle Citizenz, or newer names like Dread MC and SirReal? Ð we have a range of producers that each bring mesmerizing charisma unto their craft. From playful drum and bass tones, to pounding DnB beats Ð let us provide you with some jump up vibes for your listening pleasure. Let the soothing melodies carry you away, as world class producers take control of the decks.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Zinc - Nexx
2-Zinc - Contact Lost
3-Zinc - Just Roll
4-Danny Byrd - Supersized
5-Danny Byrd - Ill Behaviour