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The very best of progressive rock

A selection of the best progressive rock artists. If you're looking for the best of progressive rock, look no further. From David Bowie's classic Ziggy Stardust, to King Crimson's pioneering In The Court Of The Crimson King and ahead to Jethro Tull's cult classic Aqualung, progressive rock has long contained groundbreaking material from truly legendary artists. Among other revered acts like Emerson Lake and Palmer, Rush, Peter Gabriel and Genesis have carved out a lasting legacy in musical history with albums full of innovation. But do not overlook Pink Floyd's kaleidoscopic work, Procol Harum's symphonic rock nuggets or Special Providence and Porcupine Tree amongst other great progressive wordsmiths. Explore all the strange nuances hidden within this golden genre Ð the very best of progressive rock!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Can - Paperhouse
2-Can - Moonshake
3-Can - Sing Swan Song
4-Opeth - Weakness
5-Opeth - Dirge for November