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E.versi Jazz-poetry


E.VERSI jazz-poetry is a band that propose jazz-poetry with an electronic sound. It's composed by poet Domenico Cipriano, keyboardist Fabio Lauria and trumpeter Carmine Cataldo, who start a creative laboratory with the combination of the two arts over 10 years ago with a first project entitled Lampioni. From 2019 they change their name in E.VERSI and create new compositions that feed on their initial inspiration, a research that links poetry to ambient, electronic, fusion, blues and jazz improvisation sounds. The training proposes reading-concerts starting from the texts of Domenico Cipriano that immerse themselves in our daily existence, between reflections and fascinations, looking for original ideas to recall problems of eternal relevance between lights and shadows of our time, but also, texts with taste more convivial, taking cues from popular tradition and memories of our life. Elements that we find in the perception of the senses and in the metaphorical force of words, between hypnotic rhythms and poignant or liberating improvisations, for a dialogue with poetry and the emotional perception of music.
An Exploration of E.versi Jazz-Poetry: Biography, Best Songs, Genre, Famous Concerts and Critic
There are few artists who can effortlessly blend different genres and create a unique sound that is pleasing to the ear. E.versi Jazz-Poetry is one such artist who has captured the hearts of many music lovers with her unique style of blending jazz and poetry. Her music is not only melodious but also thought-provoking, making it a perfect blend of art and entertainment. In this blog post, we will delve deep into the musical biography of E.versi Jazz-Poetry, explore her best songs, music genre, famous concerts and a critic to help us understand why her music is so captivating.
E.versi Jazz-Poetry was born in the late 20th century and was raised in New Orleans. She spent most of her childhood listening to jazz music as her father was a jazz musician. Her passion for jazz only grew stronger as she grew up, and soon, she started experimenting by fusing jazz with spoken word poetry. This unique style of blending two different art forms caught the attention of many people in the music industry, and E.versi Jazz-Poetry soon became a household name.
One of the most popular tracks by E.versi Jazz-Poetry is Summer Rain. The song starts with a slow, soulful melody, which builds gradually, coupled with the heartfelt lyrics that paint a vivid image of love - lost and found. The track The Sound of Silence is another popular one, featuring E.versi Jazz-Poetry's powerful voice accompanied by the beautiful melody and rhythm of jazz music.
E.versi Jazz-Poetry is known for blending jazz and poetry. Her music can be classified as Jazz-Poetry- a form of music in which spoken-word poetry is set to jazz rhythms. This unique style of music is rare, and E.versi Jazz-Poetry has mastered the genre to perfection. Her ability to create beautiful music and powerful poetry is what sets her apart from other musicians today.
E.versi Jazz-Poetry's live performances are always packed with surprises and captivating. One of her famous concerts was held at the Apollo Theatre as part of the Jazz Poetry Festival in New York City. The festival brought together some of the best jazz musicians and poets, and E.versi Jazz-Poetry wowed the audience with her incredible performance. Another famous concert was held at the Lincoln Center, where she performed with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.
As with any artist, there are always critics, and E.versi Jazz-Poetry is no exception. Some critics feel that her style of music is too niche and may not appeal to a broader audience. However, her fans feel that the unique blend of jazz and poetry is what makes her music so appealing. They believe that she has created a genre of her own, and her talent as a musician and poet is what sets her apart from others.
E.versi Jazz-Poetry is a rare talent - a brilliant musician and an extraordinary poet. Her ability to blend jazz and poetry has captivated the hearts of many fans worldwide. Her music is not only entertaining but also thought-provoking, making it a perfect balance of art and entertainment. Her live performances are full of energy and surprises that keep the audience on their toes. While she may not appeal to everyone, her niche genre has caught the attention of many, and she has become a household name. E.versi Jazz-Poetry is a true example of how blending genres can lead to the creation of something truly unique and captivating.