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Sergio Cammariere

Sergio Cammariere (born November 15, 1960 in Crotone, Italy) is an Italian jazz singer-songwriter. He has released ten albums. Contents 1 Career 2 Discography 2.1 Singles 2.2 Albums 2.3 Soundtracks 2.4 Compilations 3 References 4 External links Career[edit] After a long career as a niche musician distinguished by his collaboration with the poet and singer-songwriter Roberto Kunstler,[1] in 2003 he appeared at the Sanremo Festival performing the song Tutto quello che un uomo.
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2014: ''Mano nella mano''
2012: ''Sergio Cammariere''
2009: ''Carovane''
2006: ''Il pane, il vino e la visione''
2004: ''Sul sentiero''
2002: ''Dalla pace del mare lontano''
1994: ''I ricordi e le persone''