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A selection of the best black music

Discover the best collection of music created by black artists! This exciting playlist contains a selection of some of the most boundary pushing, trendsetting artists on the scene today Ñ carefully curated for you to enjoy. From the dusty rhythms of classic hip hop to lively trap beats and RNB chill hits, this collection offers something truly remarkable. Allowing access to a library of impressive lyrics, mesmerizing melodies and powerful emotion sparked by an opportunity for connection Ñ there is no wonder why these songs stand as some of our favorites among all branches of music. Let your mind be taken away and immerse yourself in this great selection of black music! This playlist contains best black music With the best black music from all genres, this playlist includes something for everyone! A special selection of straight bops and smoothest jams, listen to the anthems appropriate for your most chill moments to those ready to bring some mad energy! Discover a range of memorable tunes with catchy hooks, handpicked harmonies and quintessential beats. From jazz grooves to sizzling soul, this playlist features a compilation of classic and contemporary bangers that never fails delight any black music fan! Dive into musical versatility as this remarkable collection reflects flavor that is uniquely mesmerizing.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Jay Z - Holy Grail
2-Santigold - Shove It
3-Santigold - Go! (feat. Karen O)
4-Santigold - God From The Machine
5-Jimmy Cliff - One More