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The very best of electroclash

A selection of the best electroclash artists. Are you a fan of the early '00s electroclash scene? If so, we have put together a selection for you of some of the best songs from the among-the-very-best of electronica artists. Get ready to be taken on a journey into 1998 and discover the original edgy shape of electro that brought us into then new millennium! These carefully selected picks truly raise the genre to an entirely different level, bringing top sound layout and beats that we knew and loved around these fashionista glory days. Get ready to bring out those performance synthetic surfaces and express yourself fast with this carefully curated mix!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Goldfrapp - Eat Yourself
2-Crystal Castles - Empathy
3-Crystal Castles - Love and Caring
4-Crystal Castles - Reckless
5-The Knife - From Off to On