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The very best of rumba

A selection of the best rumba artists. For a truly unique and exciting experience, nothing beats the best rumba music offered by some of the foremost rumba artists out there. From old masters to young upstarts, these specialized sounds capture the popular Latin flavor of historic folklore mixed with avant-garde modern flair. In each and every performance you can hear purity, precision and dynamism all in one Ð while that pulse of rapidly changing rhythms brings an authenticity and honesty to their notes. Discover the variety found in this selection of the very best rumbab artists offering tremendous entertainment right in the comfort of your own home!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Chambao - Volando Voy
2-Chambao - Vida
3-Chambao - Como El Agua
4-Estopa - Exiliado En El Lavabo
5-Estopa - Suma Y Sigue