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Artist: Benediction Album: The Dreams You Dread

Year: 1995
Duration: 18:17

A of Benediction's The Dreams You Dread

Benediction was a British death metal band that formed in the late 1980s. They quickly gained popularity in the underground metal scene and released their fourth album, The Dreams You Dread, in 1995. The album received mixed reviews at the time, but has since gained a cult following among death metal aficionados. In this post, we'll take a closer look at The Dreams You Dread and try to determine why it has become such a fan favorite.
The genre of The Dreams You Dread is classic death metal, with all the hallmarks of the genre on full display. The guitars are heavy and chugging, the drums are pummeling, and the vocals are guttural and aggressive. Fans of death metal will find plenty to enjoy here, but those unfamiliar with the genre might find the album overwhelming or even unpleasant.
Upon first listen, the standout track on the album is Down on Whores (Leave Them All for Dead). It's a thrashy, up-tempo number with a killer riff and some surprisingly melodic sections. It's a great introduction to the band for those unfamiliar with them and a welcome change of pace for longtime fans. Other highlights include Dark Is the Season and The Grotesque, which both showcase Benediction's ability to create dark, moody atmospheres.
One of the most innovative parts of The Dreams You Dread is the use of guest vocalists on several tracks. Barney Greenway of Napalm Death, Karl Willetts of Bolt Thrower, and Dave Ingram of Bolt Thrower all lend their voices to the album. Their contributions add some variety to the vocal performances and help to break up the monotony of one vocal style throughout.
However, despite these highlights, there are some flaws in the album. The production is a bit muddy, and some of the songs blend together without much distinction. Additionally, the lyrics are mostly forgettable, with the usual death metal tropes of death, gore, and horror on full display. While this is par for the course in the genre, it does little to set Benediction apart from their peers.
Overall, The Dreams You Dread is a solid death metal album that showcases Benediction's strengths while hinting at areas where they could improve. Fans of the genre will find plenty to enjoy here, but those outside the death metal community might struggle to connect with the music. While it's not a masterpiece in the genre, it's still a worthwhile addition to any death metal collection.